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ENDURO ACTION - Ian Davis, Les3Vallees, France
Monday April 8, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Ten snowsports events in a race around Les3Vallees. We get our skates on to pack in adrenalin fuelled activities in our short ski break.





First up it was freeriding.

Now it ‘s the big one - The Three Valleys Enduro.

10 events across the valleys.

As a team of three you accumulate points by taking part in a series of competitions:

There is skier cross, boarder cross, giant slalom, freeride and family schuss.

The biathlon tests fitness with a short skate to the target area where you have to shoot five targets.

All are timed but they may not be about being the quickest skier or snowboarder.

Enduro 2019Enduro 2019
















The Enduro is what you want to make of it, a family fun day out or a race you can take at pace.

Enduro 2019Enduro 2019
















Needless to say we started with a relaxed 'let's just cruise round and see how we get on' attitude.

By lunchtime it was tactical talk working out how we could make some gains to get extra points.

It was a great atmosphere - at each station you would share stories with other teams, get the low down on the other events and share some tactics.

There were many different nationalities taking part.

Lunch was a bustling affair with tartiflette or burgers and cold meats all washed down with a free flowing bar to lubricate us for the afternoon.

You compete as a team but, let's face it, on most events it was everyman for himself.

Dual slalom was timed on the last team member across the line.

You definitely didn't want to be last.

After gate 3 I saw my team mate just ahead, which was definitely not acceptable.

Tuck in, get aggressive and turn that around in the final turns.

Skier cross -  take the roller onto the first banked turn, strong line, elbows out to make sure you hold your line.

Visibility was poor so it was a mix of 'how much do I let this run?' versus 'wonder what's round the next corner'.

Biathlon was a test of speed but also great to learn how to shoot the 5 targets, heart pounding as you didn't want to let your team down by being the last to score your five targets.

All in all a superb day out testing speed, patience and team work.

Enduro 2019Enduro 2019
















We ended up 85th out of just under 200 teams.

Not bad for a bunch of old boys.
















The Enduro is a great day out allowing you to see all that the Three Valleys has to offer.

If you have a lift pass it is €22.

Inclusive of a pass it's €62 which includes lunch and at each station there is complimentary food and drink.

Now for day 3.

Fresh ego-snow looks like falling overnight and we're heading for the zip wires.

Now, where did I put my head for heights?

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