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As the temperatures rise and the snow melts there is real danger. Some people have had narrow escapes. UPDATED




As winter turns to spring the huge amounts of snow that have fallen this year across Europe and North America bring danger.

Here are latests avalanches we have seen in the Tirol in the last few days:

April avalanchesApril avalanches in Subai

April avalanchesApril avalanches in Ischgl

April avalanchesApril avalanches over the road to Stubai

April avalanchesApril avalanches above Lech

In Switzerland earlier this month an avalanche victim survived in an air pocket.

The man was buried under the snow for one and a half hours before rescuers found him.

The accident happened as a group was clearing snow from a road in Goscheneralp near the ski resort of Andermatt in central Switzerland.

One of the others raised the alarm and rescue services, including three dogs, arrived by helicopter.

One of the dogs located the man, who survived because he came to rest under wet snow but in a hole with sufficient air to breathe.

The man survived by digging a larger cavity around himself to allow room to breathe for 90 minutes.

He was suffering form hypothermia and non-life threatening injuries.

Meanwhile in the USA wet slab avalanches have destroyed two unoccupied houses near Ketchum in the US State of Idaho.

Idaho avalanchePhoto: Sawtooth Avalanche Center













The slides on Monday 8th April were powerful enough to move the two buildings about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 metres) from their foundations.

According to the Sawtooth Avalanche Center the avalanches swept up trees up to 18 inches (almost half a metre) in diameter and blocked roads.

Idaho avalanchePhoto: Sawtooth Avalanche Center
















The Center is warning of continued dangers.

"Very dangerous avalanche conditions exist," it said in a statement on Tuesday 9th.

"Destructive, wet snow avalanches are likely due to rain and multiple days of above freezing temperatures.

"Avalanches may impact trails, roadways, and structures.

"Stay off of and out from below all steep slopes. Avalanches may run long distances, into flat areas, and can run into mature forests."

As the ski touring season gets underway the authorities are urging extreme caution and for people to obey all the rules and carry the correct safety equipment.

"There is evidence of avalanche activity in many ski resorts, especially on the south facing slopes that are warmed by the sun at this time of year," said the PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, who is currently in the Tirol.

This was the scene of one avalanche in Hochgurgl at the weekend.

There were no reports of injuries but it appears some had a narrow escape.

Hochgurgl, the Tirol, AustriaHochgurgl, the Tirol, Austria














Hochgurgl, the Tirol, AustriaHochgurgl, the Tirol, Austria














Hochgurgl, the Tirol, AustriaHochgurgl, the Tirol, Austria















On 17th March, this slow creeping avalanche was filmed in Arzler Alm near Innsbruck in Austria.

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