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SUMMER SKIING: NOT ALL BAD NEWS - Jane Peel, Chief Reporter
Thursday August 1, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Tignes closed early as hot weather took its toll on the glacier. But it's not all doom and gloom. Here's a look at the joys of summer skiing.

It seems that every year we at PlanetSKI have more news about melting glaciers and resorts unable to stay open for their whole planned summer season of snowsports.

It's happened again in 2019:

But, in the interest of balance, we bring you the words of Phil Smith, Director of Snoworks.

The PlanetSKI partner has been running ski courses on the glacier in Tignes and elsewhere this summer.

Of course, Phil is bound to focus on the positive.

But he makes some good points and they're backed up by PlanetSKI readers who spend the hot season in the mountains, even if they are not there to ski.

We also have a couple of videos and a report below from another PlanetSKI partner, the Warren Smith Ski Academy, which is running courses in Cervinia, Italy, right now.

But first Phil's words, unedited, along with his supporting photos.

They were posted on a Facebook page for Snoworks skiers:

Tignes in summer Tignes this summer as seen by Snoworks















HI all, there has been a little negative press about skiing in the summer recently so I took it on myself to explain what skiing in the summer is all about.

Let's face it you would not swap your winter skiing holiday for a summer skiing holiday. If you do you're probably mad. But, and here's the big but, what a way to spend a couple of weeks in the summer if you have not used up all your holiday time in the winter. The mountains are amazing.

So why ski in the summer? For instructors training for their exams and racers it's an absolute must. Instructors want to be working in the winter so summer and autumn is the ideal time to train and then reap the rewards in the winter.

It's the same with racers. Winter is competition time so all foundation work and pre-competition work needs to be done in the summer and autumn.

Summer race training in TignesSnoworks summer race training in Tignes 

Also most of the cross training to develop breadth of skills is in the summer. Biking, surfing, swimming, wake boarding, tennis, parkour, basketball, canoeing, running, hiking. So summer training and cross training is a must.

For those that are not involved in instructing or racing it's the same story. Get fit, develop a breadth of skills and work on technical development out of season then reap the rewards when the snow comes. I guess I'm talking to the converted but just by getting even a little fitter your skiing will improve.

Mountain biking in TignesSnoworks summer cross training in Tignes 

So if you've not been skiing in the summer or autumn yet all I can say is do it. But don't compare it to the winter. It's different. Think of it as a training camp rather than a skiing holiday.

Here's a collection of shots from this years summer ski camps. What can I say? Amazing. #lovesummerskiing

Snoworks summer ski campsSnoworks summer ski camps

Snoworks Summer Ski CampsSnoworks summer ski camps

Snoworks summer ski campsSnoworks summer ski camps

Snoworks summer ski campsSnoworks summer ski camps

And now here's Warren Smith, with his take on conditions for summer skiing in Cervinia  in the Aosta Valley in Italy on 1st August:



And don't just take Warren's word for it.

One of our readers, Josh Eppel, is on one of The Academy's ski courses.

"The glacier was closed for 3 days over last weekend with a big storm rolling through so we've been blessed with a fresh top layer," said Josh.

"Even before that the snow was firm in the early morning, perfect between 10:30 and 12, then softening up as they close the t-bar at 1 o'clock.

"It's actually quite cold on the top now and the snow has been amazing. Firm piste till 10:30, then absolutely beautiful till the end of the day. Soft and not at all slushy or sticky."

Cervinia, ItalyCervinia, Italy

Cervinia, ItalyCervinia, Italy

PlanetSKI's view is that it's well worth visiting the mountains in summer, whether you want to ski or not.

But if you do want to hit the glaciers in summer, we suggest you go sooner rather than later....

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