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IS THE IKON PASS TOO POPULAR? - James Cove, PlanetSKI Editor
Wednesday August 21, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Locals in Aspen in Colorado have been complaining that the slopes are getting too busy with people from other resorts flooding in.

Some locals posted stickers round town last winter that said "Stop Ikonizing Aspen."

"There was no secret there was some nasty labeling going on," said Skico's president and CEO, Mike Kaplan, this month.

"The irony of this criticism, ... I was taken aback by it".

Skico usually gets criticised for catering to the rich and famous, and the Ikon pass was a way to get the average Joe skiing.

The IKON pass was introduced last winter.

It has brought many out-of-towners to the resort as the pass can be used at multiple resorts.

IKON Pass - Buy Now, Ski NowIKON Pass - Buy Now, Ski Now

Now the company that owns Aspen, Skico, has unveiled some plans for next winter to ease the over-crowding.

There may be more chairs on chairlifts that have capacity at Highlands and Snowmass to help move the queues move quicker.

More buses will run from the Brush Creek Park and Ride lot.

Skico will look into message signs on Maroon Creek Road to alert motorists if the Aspen Highlands parking garage is full before traffic backs up.

Skico may also use social media platforms such as Twitter for real-time traffic information.

Aspen is one of our favourite US resorts:

Ikon across North AmericaIkon across North America

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