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Wednesday September 11, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

It seems the PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, doesn't know his ‘i' from his ‘e'. It can make a difference. NEW





He was writing a short piece summarising what the UK tour operators are doing new for next winter after going to a UK snowsports industry event this week - Ski Launch.

Standard fare at this time of year as the season approaches.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh dear...Oh dear...
















It has of course now been corrected:

But the damage had been done.

First up was the PR lady from Inghams with an email entitled, They're not the type of holidays we offer...

She politley said:

Thanks so much for featuring Inghams on your site... BUT... could you kindly change the following?

"And perhaps bigger news - Inghams is going back to sex night catering in all its chalets and chalet hotels"

But it seems such a holiday might prove popular judging by the reaction to his typo across social media.

Here's PlanetSKI:

Facebook reactionFacebook reaction




















And here is another site as the story spread:

Further Facebook reactionFurther Facebook reaction




















And his email inbox has been inundated with response from his friends.

Here are just a few of the comments:

"If that doesn't put some testosterone under the bookings - nothing will!"

"Ha. Brilliant. I am crying with laughter. The ‘e' is not even anywhere near ‘i' on the keyboard. Where was your mind?????"

"Where do I book? ;-)"

"Now that could have got me into skiing!"


"The uncorrected version is brilliant - and undoubtedly the answer to any of Inghams' financial woes!"

"Oh dear James! This is really one of your finest!"

"ha! that made me smile... they should try it, that should give a boost to the market!"

"Will be booking in hopefully 6 sex nights!!"

"Where and how do I book?"

"BRAVO! Swinging holidays - an underserved niche in the sector perhaps?"

"Brilliant!! - that should certainly get some people booking in ernest!"

"Brilliant :)"

"Comedy! Sex Nights!"

"Love the sex!"

"HAHAHHAA! I love it!"

Is it the best typo on PlanetSKI in the past 10+ years that we have been going?

There have been a few as regular readers will know.

It perhaps faces, er, stiff competition from the misprint on his t-shirt in the main headline photo on this story.
















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