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The winter beckons
Wednesday October 29, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

As we've reported above the first snow has already fallen and some resorts have opened. So, what does this winter hold in store? Here are some of our predictions at planetSKI.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting winter season. 

This time last year we were all talking about the lack of snow following a poor winter in Europe in 2006/07.  Some parts of the media reported the end of skiing as we know it due to global warming.

It ended up being one of the best seasons in recent memory with continuing snowfall throughout the winter, except for the Pyrenees and the Alps in February.

This year the economic downturn is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  We’re all asking if we can afford to go this year while the ski industry is more worried than they’re letting on.  Bookings in recent weeks are down and heavy discounting is already happening.

Check out this guide on planetSKI if you want to save some money this winter.

We’re not so bold at to make any firm economic predictions, but we will be following the story closely and bring you regular news of discounts and offers.


clothes_400Bright is back and bigger appears to be better.  Clothing has gone from quiet pastels and shades and into big, bright bold colours.  The baggier you clothing is apparently the better judging by what is on offer in the shops.

Meanwhile, off piste skis seem to be getting fatter and fatter with some new changes.  Reverse camber is the new buzz word.  This means that instead of skis being wider at the ends and thinner under foot they are the opposite.  Like a surf board they are fatter in the middle and apparently this makes for better turning in powder.  We haven’t tested a pair yet at but we will do and we’ll let you know.

Also off piste skis are having their ends made more flexible and the marketing men have come up with the name Rocker skis for this development.  A more flexible tip and tail seems to make for more control.

The ski technique coach, Waren Smith, seems to think they are a good thing judging by the video below.

Out in the mountains there’s a host of new lifts.  Planning regulations prevent many resorts from putting in new lifts and opening up new areas of skiing so bigger, better and faster ones are replacing the old ones.

However this does mean that already over-crowded piste will get even busier as the lifts get more people up the mountain quicker.


The era of plentiful cheap flights, that has given such a boost to the independent sector, seems to have ended.  Sure there are still some very good prices in low season and mid-week but the rising cost of aviation fuel and other factors has pushed up the prices.  Add to that all the extra charges for luggage and ski/board carriage and the price has risen sharply over recent years.

easyjet_400Air travel is declining for the first time in 20 years with the number of passengers at 18 leading British airports dropping by 4.5% in recent months.

XL leisure, the UK’s 3rd largest holiday company collapsed earlier in the year and some of the airlines have been cancelling flights as they have not sold enough seats.

However tour operators have met the challenge and now offer cheaper and more flexible holidays so one of our little predictions here at is the re-emergence of the package holiday. Especially as some of the deals currently on offer are so good.


We’ll be keeping you up to date on everything happening out in the mountains this winter from our team of reporters around the Alps so keep logging on to see where the best snow is, where the deals are to be had and what is going on.

For the spirit of the mountains.

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