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Fancy becoming an instructor? Part 3
Friday July 23, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

It is decision day for the 30 trainees we have been following at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead as they take their Level 1 qualification. Some will pass and others will fail.

For many the beginning of the week, just 5 days ago, seems an eternity.

There has been highs, lows and an awful lot of information to absorb.

"I am not sure if I will pass but come what may I have learnt so much," says one of the trainees as she arrived for the final day.

"It was hard having my skiing taken apart and de-constructed and at the middle of the week I was pretty apprehensive about it all.  Fortunately though it has been put back together again and I know I am a better skier."

For a look back at the other articles see Fancy becoming a ski instructor? Part One and Fancy becoming a ski instructor? Part Two.

Most of the trainees had a pretty good idea if they were up to the mark, at this stage. Some though had found a few areas tougher than they thought, see the video below.

The teaching sessionsThe teaching sessionsNo-one had been told, but they all said they had got a feeling through the feedback they had received. 

On their personal skiing, their teaching abilities, their participation in activities and the slightly dull, but all important, lectures and classroom work.

The second half of the week had started off with the all-important teaching session. 

Each student had to deliver a lesson to their fellow students and they were judged accordingly.

Fail this or mess it up and there would be little chance of passing however good your skiing level is.

"I was a bit nervous to begin with but once I got going it just sort of flowed and I was quite pleased," one student said afterwards.

"I didn't manage to do everything I wanted to in the time available as it flew by so quickly, but the trainer seemed really pleased so I guess I did OK," said another.

For some though there was work to be done particularly in the delivery style to make it a fun experience.

The final day was spent re-capping.

By lunchtime the head trainer, Alex Leaf' had pretty much made up is mind who would pass and who would fail.

"There are a couple though in my group of 10 who I'm still not sure about as they can do it correctly some of the time, but not all the time," Leaf says.  "As a ski instructor though you have to be able to do it right 100% of the time for the paying customer."

Congratulations, you've passedCongratulations, you've passedIn the end they all passed except for 2 in his group. It was a similar ratio in the the other 2 groups. So out of 30 people doing the Level 1 26 passed and 4 had to re-sit.

Many of the worried faces from Day 1 had to turned to big, broad smiles by the end of Day 5.

They were well on their way to fulfilling their dream of becoming a qualified ski instructor.

Check out the video interview below with the head trainer,  Alex Leaf,  as the course finishes. 

They may have passed the course but the work really begins now.

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Here on PlanetSKI we hope to bring you a series on the next stage along in the BASI system; Level 2.  This allows instructors to teach out in the mountains on real snow.

And later this month we'll take a look at why people want to become instructors.

What is it really like? Is it all it's cracked up to be? What are the employments prospects like as the ski industry shrinks, money is tight for many out on their holidays and yet the number of people qualifying as instructors mushrooms.

Fancy becoming a ski instructor? Part One.

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