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Good enough to be an instructor?
Friday September 10, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

It's a dream job whether, it be teaching full time out in the mountains or part time in an indoor slope in the UK. But how do you know if you are good enough? Now an answer is on hand.

An assessment course at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead is on offer to look at you ability and tell you about the system run by the British Association of Snowsports Instructors, BASI. 

Some people think they are up to the level but aren't, while others think they are not nearly good enough to don a ski instructors uniform but actually are.

Many more can get to the right level with a bit of coaching and help.  

This is where Inside Out Skiing come in.

It's a small ski school that works out of The Snow Centre and is based in the Austrian Alps during the winter.

There are four different levels of BASI ski instructor starting at Level One which is the basic qualification and it goes through to Level Four.

The top exam takes several years and much effort to attain.

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"There are many recreational skiers who harbour ambitions to be a ski instructor but who are uncertain about what happens in the exams and whether their skiing is at the right level to attempt Level 1," says Rob Rees from Inside Out Skiing.

"We therefore thought that a structured day which outlines the BASI system, provides some formal feedback on each client's standard of skiing and then offers some training focused on the needs of the BASI Level 1 would be a useful day for skiers who were interested in becoming instructors."

Sounds like a pretty good idea to us here at PlanetSKI, however you must remember that there is no gaurantee of work at the end of it and the Level One qualification will only allow you to teach on an artificial slope in the UK.

If you do decide to work as a ski instructor you need to realise that it is a hard career to make any decent money in and it is not aways rosy.

See our content editor's blog on it here. 

We recently ran a three-part feature on how to become a ski instructor as we followed a Level One course for a week at Hemel Hempstead.

If you are after further details then see here;  Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

So, what does the 1-day course consist of?

Intensive dayIntensive day*  An overview of the BASI system, including history of BASI, courses required, shadowing and child protection requirements.

*  A discussion and demonstration of Central Theme progression (each client attempts the Central Theme demos).

*  A discussion and demonstration of personal ski performance required to pass Level one (each client skis short & long radius turns and does some drills).

*  Feedback from BASI Trainer to each client.

*  Training for clients, revisiting Central Theme demoonstrations and personal performance requirements, with lots of feedback and video analysis.

There are a maximum of 5 people in a group and so far the results speak for themselves.

The first course had 4 people on it. Three signed up to do the Level one and alll passed. The next course saw all people who went on to train to become an instructor passing.

If you have managed to read this far down the article then you must be interested.

Our advice here at PlanetSKI would be go for it!

There's everything to gain and not much to loose.

Even if you don't go on you will learn things about your skiing that you perhaps never even knew.

The course costs £99 and full details can be see here. The next courses are on September 21st and November 16th.

InsideOut is set to team up with PlanetSKI as one of our partners and supporters.

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For the spirit of the mountains


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