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Big brother is watching
Saturday September 25, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

New technology allows your speed, movements, location and many other things to be tracked while you are on the slopes. It is recorded through the chip in a lift ticket, but some think it is an invasion of privacy. One man has come up with a way to hinder it.

The latest lift tickets use sophisticated technology to keep track of your day on the slopes.

It is generating a lot of data on your behaviour while up on the mountainside.

Where you go. How fast you travel. Where you stop. How long for.

What time you start skiing. When you finish.

The aim of collecting the data is said to be harmless, but the information could easily be put to other uses.

Much of it is so people can see where they have been, the speed they have gone and the vertical descent they have clocked up.

Being watchedBeing watchedSome technologies also use the latest Facebook Apps ad similar to alert people to Facebook Friends in resort with them and so on.

We have reported on one of the such devices being used in The Vail resorts this coming winter, the EpicMix.

It also allows lift companies to see which slopes and lifts are being used, by how many people and at what times of the day.

It is being hailed as a major development for people to enjoy, and share, their day on the slopes.

However the information could be used for other purposes.

It has a worrying potential and is causing some concern.

Critics of the technology have voiced a variety of worries including that some resorts may use the data for marketing purposes.

Offers some privacy protectionOffers some privacy protectionOthers believe resorts may enforce speed controls by using the tickets to track how fast a skier or boarder is going.

It gives them the ability to deactivate a person's lift ticket if they knowingly, or unknowingly, ski or board too fast in a controlled area.

In the USA one man has come up with a way of stopping the authorities finding out everything.

The so-called 'Ski Pass Defender' is a simple plastic folder that fits over lift tickets to stop them being read while you're skiing.

It does though have top be read by machines when you scan it to get on a lift so it will not completely protect your privacy.

However some people believe that if you ski too fast in a contolled area then perhaps you should have your lift ticket cancelled.

Aferall you have broken the rules and perhaps endangered others.

Speed limits are for everyone's benefitSpeed limits are for everyone's benefit













For more information of the blocking device see here.

Is this something that concerns you? 

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