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Naturally 7 perform in Zermatt cable car
Monday April 11, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

The New York band are in Zermatt for the Unplugged Festival. As a warm up they performed a few songs to some unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders in a cable car. PlanetSKI was asked along; check out the video!

For the handful of people taking the Rotthorn cable car at around 3 O'Clock on Monday afternoon it was a bit of a surprise.

They were expecting just a simple ride up from Blauherd, but instead they were treated to an improvised performance from Naturally 7 and some incredible dancing.

Naturally 7 is a vocal group and and all the sound they create comes from their voices. 

It may sound like they are using instruments but they aren't. 

Just their vocal chords - beatboxing an orchestra's worth of instruments.

The last time the band played in a similar location was on the Paris Metro and the You Tube video of the event has attracted over 5 million hits. 

We reported on it in this PlanetSKI story and now we have our own video of the latest peformance.

Check it out below.

The band had their own video crew there and their polished film will be on You Tube shortly.

The dancers were the "Roc Kidz Crew".  They were a bit confined in the cable car, but if you want to see what they can really do then take a look here.

Amazing stuff!

Cable car entertainmentCable car entertainment












The dancersThe dancers













So, which other artists are performing this week?

Seal, David Gray and Roger Hodgson (the singer form Supertramp) are perhaps the best-known musicians. There is also OneRepublic, James Walsh, Duncan Townsend, Sina, Marc Sway and Swedish rock band, Mando Diao.

It runs through to Saturday 16th.

For more information see the festival web site here.

The event is now in its 4th year and has seen artists such as Lionel Richie and Billy Idol perform.

A key ingredient is the New Talents events with free performances on six stages throughout the resort from up and coming musicians.

Starting up an event like this is a major decision and investment.  It has an overall budget of 2.5m Swiss Francs, but has yet to make a profit.

Last year it has a deficit of 900,000 Swiss francs and this year it hopes to reduce this to 300,000.

It is a huge commitment for Zermatt to host a festival such as this, but the resort is keen to have new events and to re-define its image and what it offers to its guests.

"Live music in an authentic mountain village that is genuine and honest, that is Zermatt Unplugged," says the director of Zermatt Tourism, Daniel Luggen.

Here to stayHere to stay













11,000 people attended the concerts last year and this year the organisers are hoping for 15,000.  In 2010 83% of the tickets were sold and this year the sales have gone well.

Tickets for the big-name musicians do not come cheap with the best seats for Seal costing 265 Swiss Francs.

Sponsorship is a key piece of the funding jigsaw puzzle and the organisers admit that they do not have enough interest.

"It remains difficult to find companies who would like to become involved," says the Festival President, Thomas Sterchi.

One piece of financial good news is the exchange rate, as most of the artists are paid in dollars or euros. With a high value Swiss Franc this has worked in the festival's favour.

No festival, or indeed any event or business, can continue if the numbers don't' stack up but Zermatt Unplugged is gaining in popularity and with that comes the money.

PlanetSKI has been in town this week and there has been an extra buzz about the place with many people looking forward to the performances.

'We have covered many musical events and festivals in ski resorts over the years here onplanetSKI.  Whether it be the opening and closing concerts in Ischgl, the Caprices Festival in Crans Montana through to smaller bands playing in bars in Val d'Isere or musical events in Andorra," says our content editor, James Cove, from Zermatt. "This one looks and feels different and has a growing following."

Zermatt Unplugged is gaining in reputation and it looks like it will be establishing itself as one of the major mountain music festivals.

Whether the performances be on the main stage in the Big Top,

The Big TopThe Big Top













or in a cable car suspended high above the pistes.

Great place for a gigGreat place for a gig













Naturally 7's new albumNaturally 7's new album

















For the spirit of the mountains

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