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Good season in Scotland
Wednesday June 29, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

It wasn't quite like the previous winter but the season of 2010/11 wasn't bad. The five resorts claim it was one of the best in recent years. It is a long way from the doom and gloom of a few winters ago but continuing good snow is not gauranteed.

The resorts claim 290,000 skier days last winter and say that it was the second best in the last decade. 

The best was the winter of 2009/10 when there were record snowfalls and a long season with people skiing and snowboarding in Cairngorm into June.  There were 374,789 skier days that season.

It was a winter that was unlikely to get beaten.

However last winter also saw some good snowfalls and the previous winter had also helped boost interest in skiing in Scotland.

"That season was amazing, and we knew that we'd be unlikely to match it, particularly given the exceptionally warm spring weather in April. This figure is around 25% ahead of the average for the previous three seasons, which included the outstanding season of 2009-10," said the Chair of ski-scotland, Heather Negus."

We reported on the conditions in Scotland last winter several times, including this story on PlanetSKI from the middle of March.

It has brought a welcome boost to Scotland after several years of poor snowfall and some even talking about an end to skiing in Scotland because of a lack of snow.

The numbers are nothing like the golden era of skiing in Scotland in the 1980's but the levels of people enjoying the snow is a welcome boost indeed.

The higher number of skiers has also delivered a wider economic benefit to the Scottish Tourist industry according to Ski Scotland.

It claims that £29m was spent by skiers and snowboarders in the winter of 2010 - 2011, and of that figure £22m was spent in local accommodation, restaurants, pubs, shops, attractions and petrol stations stations.

However the Scottish skiing industry is highly reliant on good snowfalls. There are no glaciers to go to or high alpine peaks with guaranteed conditions.

Hopefully it will be another good season next winter but it would be a brave person to bet on it.

Glencoe in JanuaryGlencoe in January











For a look at what the record-breaking conditions were like in the previous winter see the video below that our content editor made in March 2010 in Cairngorm.

And for the personal take of our content editor on skiing in Scotland then see his blog from the time.

Photo from Glencoe, c/o Steven McKenna for ski-scotland

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