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Building a mountain in Holland
Sunday August 28, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

The idea has caught the imagination of the Dutch after proposals were made to build a mountain in the country known for its flatness. There are plans for ski slopes on it.Is it April 1st?

It would be 2,000m high and include ski runs, bob sleigh tracks, hiking routes, climbing areas and even a road with hairpin bends for cyclists.

Athletes could use it for high altitude training.

The idea was mooted as a bit of a joke by a journalist and former athlete, Thijs Zonneveld, in a newspaper column.

"Flat is ideal for growing beetroot, raising cows or building straight roads, but it's a catastrophe from a sports point-of-view," he wrote.

"I want a mountain, a real one. In the Netherlands."

Now apparently drawings have been made and initial studies made into the proposal. It might be situated in the Flevoland province according to Zonneveld.

The idea has certainly caught the public imagination but no real mention has been made of that most important element; cost and how it would be financed.

One report says it would take £264m to build but quite where that figure has come from is unsure. Thin air perhaps?

An artist's impression has been released from a firm of architects, Hoffers & Kruger, though we have looked at the company's web site and it is the only piece of content on the site.

It has though generated plenty of column inches and has even been reported on as far away as China.

See this story on the English language version of the  Chinese web site, The People's Daily

Now the Dutch Climbing & Mountaineering Association, the Royal Dutch Cycling Union and the Dutch Ski Association have come out in suport of the idea.

So, will we really see a 2,000m mountain built in the middle of Holland? What do think?


For the spirit of the mountains

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