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A new concept in ski teaching
Monday November 14, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

Inside Out Skiing offers a different approach to ski teaching that will get your skiing much better and swiftly on to the next level. Lessons indoors in the UK and then coaching out in the mountains. See how in this sponsored feature.

The goal of Inside Out Skiing is simple; to make you a better skier so you can get more enjoyment out of your time on the snow.

Whether you want to perfect your parallels, tackle the bumps with technique or pound the powder in the off piste. 

All are within reach.

The way they do it is easy. Lessons out on the slopes of The Alps and practicing indoors, on real snow, in a snowdome. They offer courses in The Alps during the summer and autumn on the glaciers too.

In the UK it is at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead - Inside Out Skiing give courses, classes and clinics for 12 months in the year.

They have taken much from coaching manuals and transferred them to a ski school. 

So, what is the difference between coaching and instruction?

Simple really.

InsideInsideMost people come across a ski instructor for a few days when they are on their one-week annual ski holiday.  Even if they go back to the same resort the following year the chance of having the same instructor who will remember them, and where they are in the learning cycle, is remote in the extreme.

Coaching is where people have the same person teaching them over a period of time with a series of related drills, exercises and skills to learn.

Not only do they have the obvious benefit from establishing a personal relationship but there is a clear structure to the learning that builds on what they have learnt previously.

The key is maintaining and building on skiing skills here in UK so they are not lost by the time the person is back out on snow.

How many times do people say they just about get to the level they want to be on the final day or two of a holiday and then it is time to go home and they won't be on snow again for another year?

Well by doing some practice on an indoor slope on real snow that needn't be the case.

"We offer a different training focus each month, with an emphasis on developing a wide range of tools and techniques.  This focus on skills is the very opposite of the 'bend zee knees' approach too often seen in traditional ski schools'" said the co-founder of Inside Out Skiing, Rob Rees.  "You get the same ski coaches all year round, so we get to know your skiing really well and can help you develop a long-term approach to improving your technique.

It is this continuity that is at the core of what the ski school is all about.

For further details see their web site.

OutOutBut it is more than just a ski school; it is a sociable and friendly Ski Club and members make many new friends as the people on the courses are regulars.

"You will probably ski with the same people each month, so our clinics are very sociable as you are often skiing with your friends," added Rob.

As well as trips during the winter months to France and Italy the club also goes to the glacier resorts year-round. Inside Out Skiing was in the French resort of Tignes in October, and sent us this quick review of conditions for PlanetSKI.

Not bad for October!

So what level do you have to be at?

Inside Out Skiing does not teach beginners but they coach anyone who can get down green or blue and wants to improve. Attitude and motivation is just as important, if not more so, than ability.

"We provide training for a wide range of abilities, but we don't teach beginners. Our regular clients range from skiers with just a couple of week's experience right up to people training for Level 1 or Level 2 BASI exams.  The majority of our clients are good recreational skiers who are looking for something different from one-off ski lessons," said the other co-founder of Inside Out Skiing, Scott Pleva.

For a video interview with Scott at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead then see below.

The club also has an innovative scheme to reward local club members.

"We run a Reward Points scheme, a bit like a frequent flyers club, to make it cheaper for our regular clients to train with us. We think we are the first ski school to do anything like this," said Scott Pleva.

"We have a VIP Group of clients who have attended at least 10 all-day clinics with us.  We offer them reduced rates to make it more affordable for them, as well as recognising their commitment to improving their skiing.  Again, we think this is innovative in the ski school industry."

We have already mentioned about the skiing in The Alps and the UK, but the club offers one other venue. Japan.

Last year Inside Out Skiing went and it was so successful that this year they are doing it all over again.  See the report that Rob Rees sent us last year for a flavour of what it is about.

We are green with envy!

Winter trip to TignesWinter trip to Tignes













Summer trip to TignesSummer trip to Tignes












Practice makes perfectPractice makes perfect












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