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Zermatt plans a metro
Tuesday November 11, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

The Swiss resort is looking at building one to move people around town.

With 3 different main lifts in town getting between them has long been a problem for skiers.

If you stay near the station it’s easy to get up to Sunnega and Gornegrat, but it’s a long walk to the Klein Matterhorn lift which takes you up to the glacier skiing and over into Cervinia.

For many it’s the one thing that spoils this otherwise perfect ski resort.

Now the resort is considering building a 20m sf (£10.04m) metro that would run over the river.  It would enable people to move around town quicker and also reduce the traffic congestion.

The resort prides itself on being car free, but with all the electric buses and taxis it is certainly not traffic free.

Also under consideration is an underground railway and even moving walkways.  However the former is too expensive at XXX and the latter has been deemed impractical and ineffective.

Many in the resort welcome the plans but a handful fear the environmental consequences and feel it is yet another example of the mountains being made too easy.

“What’s wrong with a 10 minute walk first thing in the morning? Skiing is after all a sport.” one local told planetSki.

We’re not sure the type of visitor that comes to Zermatt would agree!

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