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Sex sells skiing
Sunday November 16, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

What is she advertising – bras, leather clothes, make-up or maybe something else? It might even be an item of ski wear perhaps.

Yes, it’s ski boots.

The German skier, Maria Riesch, has been named the Lange Girl Athlete of 2009 and is the face, and body, of Lange for this season. Here she is proudly demonstrating one of the Lange ski boots that she uses on the World Cup Circuit.

So, why the semi-naked pose?


"The boots look great, Maria has a fantastic body and so the two go together really well," laughs Nadine Carle, a spokeswoman for Lange. "She looks absolutely gorgeous!"

The 23-year-old won the Super G and Super Combined last year and finished 3rd overall.

She is a strong contender for winning the World Cup Overall this season, so she is clearly not just a pretty face.

She also races in Lange boots that are adourning her feet and has been closely involved in product testing them so they give a good response out on the snow.



Stripping off seems to be catching on this winter. Not to be out done by the women, the British skier Alan Baxter has taken off pretty much all his clothes for a semi-nude calendar to raise funds so he can get to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

baxter_nude_2_390He leaves considerably less to the imagination than Ms Riesch!

"It was a bit nerve-wracking to pose nude at first but I did it and  they've come out alright," Baxter says. "It's not all nude, it's partially nude, tastefully nude I would say". 


In addition Swiss ski instructors have been peeling off their clothes recently. 

Earlier this year there was a competition to find the hunkiest ski instructor in Switzerland as a way of promoting the national Swiss Ski School.

The web site was inundated with people, presumably women, looking at the gallery of hunks.

This fellow took off his top in somewhat cold conditions to highlight the hunky bodies some ski instructors have.









With semi-naked women causing a bit of controversey on some Burton snowboards this winter it seems exposed flesh is firmly in fashion in the ski world this winter.

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