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It has been snowing in the Alps
Friday August 31, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

Not just a light dusting but proper thick heavy snow and it fell down to 1800m. Check out our video snow report from Austria and a few amazing pictures of the late summer snow. Many though would rather see snow in the winter not the summer.

Snow is by no means unheard of at this time of year.

If it is raining in the valleys then high up on the glaciers, at over 3,000m, it often falls as snow. 

But it tends to be wet and in small amounts. It is not normally this cold - well below freezing.

On Friday August 31st around 10cm had fallen by mid-afternoon on the slopes above Kaprun. It fell over the weekend too.

It was snowing to below the tree line at 1,800m.

Our content editor, James Cove, sent in the video snow report below over the weekend.

Normally on PlanetSKI we film our video snow reports from the Alps in the winter - not the summer!

PlanetSKI has been in the area enjoying some summer activities and little did we know that skis might prove to be more useful than walking boots.

The images below were taken at the mid-station lift - it looks more like middle winter.

Friday morningFriday morning













Another use for the umbrallaAnother use for the umbralla














Summer in the AlpsSummer in the Alps













Our content editor and his son, James and Max Cove, have been in the area for a few days enjoying white water rafting, hiking, swimming and the wealth of other activities on offer.

If you want to see some pictures of what it has been like, beautiful sunny days, then see their rolling blog here.

Earlier in the week it was 30c in Zell am See - at the weekend it was 8c.

Here are some more images of the fresh snow.


May be needed soonMay be needed soon













Snowball funSnowball fun













The snow has been falling elsewhere across the Alps too.

We have had news from PlanetSKI readers and reporters in Tignes, Hintertux and Saas-Fee where the skiers and snowboarders up on the glaciers are liking it.

For the rest of us in the mountains though, especially the hikers, climbers and bikers, it is not so welcome.

Most would rather see snow in the winter... not the summer.

Of course it means absolutely nothing for the coming winter. A few other ski web sites and blogs are saying winter is on the way and it means the season could be excellent etc...etc...

Er, no.

Most of it will melt pretty quickly, but it will have topped up the glaciers for those few people out for some later summer and autumn skiing.

"It does give us a taste of what is to come but most people out in the Alps want to see sun at the moment not rain and snow," said the PlanetSKI content editor, James Cove.

"It has been good to see it for a day but I think we'd all rather have warm temperatures and blue sky. It has though been fun chucking a few snowballs."

Waking is off!Waking is off!













For some though it has been novel.

In the area are a number of people from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Arab states.

They are here as some see it as paradise - similar to the snow capped mountains and the lake in the valley as stated in the Qur'an.

They also come to the Alps to escape the ferocious heat back in their home countries and many have never seen snow before.

A rare sight indeedA rare sight indeed
















Down it comesDown it comes













Burka in the AlpsBurka in the Alps














For the spirit of the mountains

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