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Rental is best
Thursday December 6, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

It is nice to own your own gear but the cost, the hassle of transportation and the fact you have to pay for service and can not swap as conditions, or your abilities, change is making some think twice. Here we look at the advantages of renting with our partner, Intersport.

Rental equipment has changed.

Years ago the skis and snowboarders could be poor quality and boots were positively uncomfortable. 

It wasn't just equipment for the pervious season - it was often years old.  Now though it has changed and many of the items for rent are top of the range.

This year's models.

Then there is the hassle and cost of carting your equipment to the mountains. 

SWISS do it for free while Monarch and Jet2Ski offer have some offers. The rest though charge. Often alot.

The reality is that if you want to take your skis or snowboard on a plane this year then get ready to pay.

EasyJet is charging £70 for a return journey for a pair of skis, Flybe will take a ski or snowboard bag for £60 return, Monarch's non-deal price is £70 return for seasonal charter flights while Thomas Cook will take £100 from you for transporting your skis.

Ryan Air charges a whopping £120 if you want to take a pair of skis or a snowboard bag on holiday. 

Even for those airlines that do not charge it is not always a rosy picture.

SWISS can be expensive, Jet2Ski only fly from airports in the North of the UK, and the Monarch deal ends effectively after two weeks after the season gets properly underway, December 31st 2012).

So, what's the alternative?

Rent in resort.

Shops across FranceShops across France









French ski hire chain Intersport has launched a Ski & Snowboard Hire Calculator, which shows how much you could save by leaving the skis at home, and renting in resort. 

The average family of four, for example, on the snow for six days, stands to save in excess of £128. A group of eleven on a weekend ski trip would save as much as £717.

All this, before even starting to think about the cost of the purchasing and servicing skis or snowboards in the first place, or of course the cost of having to hire an estate vehicle large enough to carry all the bulky equipment.

Try it out and see how much you could save, or register for the Intersport newsletter and save even more with further loyalty discounts - see here for details.   

If you want to try the calulator to see how much you could save by renting instead of paying the airlines transportation charges then take a look here.

Spoilt for choiceSpoilt for choice













Here at PlanetSKI we have been in Tignes and saw what equipment is on offer, the level of service given and what happens if we want to change equipment, get some powder skis or simply try something different.

For the article from our content editor, James Cove, on the renting experience then see here.

IntersportGetting fitted















Hiring is bestHiring is best













For a PlanetSKI video interview with the general manager of Intersport in Tignes and Val d'Isere Killy, Olivier Zaragoza, about what the shop offers and the advantages of renting then see below.

For the spirit of the mountains

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