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Zorbing death on Russian ski slope
Wednesday January 16, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

The Russian 'Emergencies Minister, Vladimir Puchkov, has called for better safety standards at the country's ski resorts after a man died at Dombai ski area. The Zorb he and a friend were in left the slope and went over a small cliff.

Zorbs are giant clear plastic balls that people ride inside down a gentle slope. 

They have been used at various ski areas around the world over the years and at indoor snow centres.

Both men were thrown from the Zorb as it eventually crashed to a halt and both were taken to hospital . One died on his way to hospitlal from severe spinal injuries and the other is in a serious condition. The man who died was 27 and a father of two.

His friend is 33-years old.

The Zorbing operation at Dombai appears to be lacking the basic safety requirements.

The slope should be gentle with barriers on each side of the Zorb's path that are adequate to stop it going off course.

An investigation is underway.

A video of the accident is doing the rounds on You Tube.

It shows the actual incident itself and we have chosen not to show it.

It does though illustrate the woeful lack of safety precautions and that rules need to be adhered to and policed.

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