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Sunday May 31, 2009 - Email this article to a friend

The Scandinavian team Golghot, but what's the competition? Here’s a clue - it’s involves the summer sports of base-jumping, kayaking, climbing, biking and paragliding.

The Nissan Outdoor Games brings 5 adventure sports teams together with a task to make a 5-minute film about the 5 summer sports.

The competition was held in Interlaken, Switzerland, last week with the films shown to a 6,000 strong crowd at the weekend in the town centre.  As well as promoting the sports the idea is to give a shop window to the talented athletes, photographers and film-makers.

It’s the summer version of the Nissan Outdoor Games that takes place in Chamonix in February and features winter sports.

The winning film shows a man who has strange dreams after a night of partying. Through his hallucinations, he experiences the feats of high level athletes in kayak, BASE jump, paragliding, mountain biking and climbing mixed with rants of a mysterious homeless man.

Now we are a bit split here at PlanetSKI on its merits.  Half of us think it's brilliant and inspiring, while the other half think it's rather disjointed and more than a bit self-indulgent.  What do you think?


PlanetSKI was invited over to the competition and asked to help with the judging too but sadly we couldn’t make it.

However, we will be bringing you the other 4 films shortly so keep an eye open for them; they are quite stunning.








The legendary skier, Glen Plake, who was also a judge of the Freeride World Tour that we covered extensively over the winter and where we were part of the judging panel, led the jury.

Check out the video interview we did with Glen Plake last winter – he’s quite a man.

For more information about the Nissan Outdoor Games see their the web site.

Here’s a brief summary of the other 4 films that we will be bringing you shortly.

Ride the Planets, Team France   - An old legend says the Oberland Bernois forest is haunted by the spirit of a man constantly seeking adrenaline. Offended by his powers, the Gods decide to punish him by taking his soul. Possessed by this rambling spirit, the characters acquire strange supernatural powers. A film packed with special effects topped off with humor!
Argon, Team Austria
Five young children meet up in a field where an old woman with a powerful spirit reveals their futures. This film tells how destiny guides the lives of normal people and how certain people have an influence on what could be seen as pre-destined.
NBFlyers, Team Switzerland
The storyline of this film is how motion is the common denominator of extreme sports. The agility of a juggler sets the rhythm for the athletic achievements. The film uses intense moments of serenity to explain what each athlete feels.
Gravity Workshop, Team Russia
Each person arrives on earth with no experience. The road of life is long and filled with questions. However, each moment deserves to be experienced to understand the magic of our existence. The film is a metaphor of birth and experience, how life is an eternal rebirth.

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