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Fancy swapping your chalet?
Wednesday May 8, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

Do you own a chalet or apartment in a ski resort? Are you keen to discover new ski areas? A new organisation has been launched so you can simply swap your chalet with someone exactly like you.

Now we would probably all want to own a chalet in the mountains but there is one drawback. It will probably be the only place you visit and after a few trips you may begin to want to see other ski resorts.

However the cost of going somewhere else and the hassle of organising will almost certainly put you off.

Step forward Snowswappers.

It offers property owners in ski destinations the chance to explore other ski resorts at a minimal cost by simply swapping properties with someone else.

Snowswappers is a home swapping club exclusively for property owners in ski resorts around the world.

The service is designed for those who love their home resort but also want the freedom to explore new ski areas without any accommodation costs.

By arranging a home swap, you can experience a new resort and likewise, your swap partner will enjoy a holiday in your home resort.

Snowswappers brings together like minded ski home owners worldwide  and simply acts as an introductory service between two homeowners and do not enter into further contract negotiations.

It has properties in Chamonix, Verbier, Whistler, Alpe d'Huez and Serre Chevalier.

Home in the snowHome in the snow














Fancy a swap?Fancy a swap?












Members of Snowswappers will have access to other members who are also home owners in ski resorts.

Members then communicate with each other and agree to swap their properties.

The member you swap with could be based anywhere in the world: as long as they want to visit where your own property is, then a swap can be arranged.

Time for a changeTime for a change













Who is this service aimed at?

  • Home owners that live in a ski resort and want to holiday in another ski resort.
  • Second home owners that desperately want to try another resort but always feel they should use their own place to save money.
  • Any ski resort home owner that wants to save money.

In the current economic climate everyone, except perhaps the super-rich, will be looking to minimise their costs and be smart about their finances.

Second home owners that have an apartment or chalet in a ski resort are no exception.

The chance to travel to a new destination for a minimal cost can only present a fantastic opportunity for the perfect budget holiday.

For a family that live in a resort all year round, the chance for free accommodation in summer or winter somewhere completely new, will provide an opportunity that is hard to resist.

Snowswappers charge an annual membership fee of £39 which allows access to every property featured on the website.

For a limited time, membership will be offered free of charge for the first year. 

There are no other charges applicable after the membership fee and arrangements between property owners can be easily organised through the websites built in functions.

Snowswappers is not part of some multi-national property company - rather it is the idea of two sisters who own property themselves and wanted to try other resorts.

"I saw a gap in the market for myself as I own an apartment in a French ski resort. I love skiing there, but I also want to explore new areas, although because of the extra cost, it just didn't seem worth it. Swapping with other like-minded people means that I can now ski in other resorts in accommodation that costs me nothing," said the co-founder of Snowswappers, Tessa Regan.

If you own a property and are interested then there are no doubt many many questions. From how do you vet who comes to your chalet to who pays for the electricity. Then there is the small matter if there is any damage.

The snow swappers web site has a list of frequently asked questions. 







For more information about Snowswappers then see here.

Plenty of choicePlenty of choice













For the spirit of the mountains

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