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Monday May 13, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

The Grands Montets skiing area in Chamonix has marked the end of the season and its 50th anniversary with the Chamonix Freeride Day. But the party didn't start, or end, there. PlanetSKI reporter, Katy Dartford, lets her hair down.

"It's a 60's theme," my flatmate tells me, "everyone will be dressed up."

I am dubious, but decide to brave it and put on my knee length white high heel boots and back comb my hair in a bid to look like someone out of Austin Powers.

I should have known better really.

Most people were up at the at Lognon ski area in their board and ski gear, hoping to squeeze the last dregs out of the ski season and it was even snowing a little.

However, there were a few hippies around so I wasn't entirely out of place.

Fortunately one  snowboarder said it was actually the worst snow he's ever boarded on,  icy,  and he just wished it would end.

This didn't stop the fun however, with DJ's and bands and much else.

One guy sang his own version of John Lennons, "Imagine" - " imagine there's no snowboarders..., no telemarkers too... mucking up my snow- ooooh you may say I'm a dreamer...." 

Then there's a waterslide which someone decided to attempt in his boxers.

Spring skiing in ChamonixThe water slide













Chamonix in springThe celebration













There were wingsuit jumpers - who misplaced their landing and ended up in the middle of the dancing crowd - a BBQ and beer.

Lots of beer.

Plenty of stomping in ski boots on tables ensued, then it was back down the lift Argentiere with the AC/DC Show and more BBQ.













But the party has actually been the first of many in Chamonix.

Over the last few weeks all the local bars have been having their own - packed out- versions... from sweaty crowd surfing in Chambre Neuf, to fancy dress in the pub, to the Messenger Awards at the Monkey ( hottest chick, best bar man, biggest keener etc) and it goes on.

I was already on day 3 by the time of the Grands Montets party, having partied to Reggae at Soul Food's closing party and the Black Crow party at Les Caves

But it's also been a few days of celebrating the already spring-like weather with friends having BBQ's and slacklining at the lake.

The great thing about interseason is that Chamonix really feels more intimate and friendly.

There are more locals out and people who are staying all year round and the almost balmy weather means it's been possible to ski the Vallee Blanche in the morning, then go rock climbing in the afternoon.

That's if you've not been partying for three days in a row of course.

Chamonix in springThe party goes on....and on.













Spring skiing in Chamonix












Partying across Chamonix.


For the spirit of the mountains

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