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How many countries can you ski in?
Friday May 24, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

We are not just talking about skiing and snowboarding on mountains but also artificial slopes and indoor snow centres. The answer may surprise you.

There are 97 countries that offer skiing and snowboarding.  

With 196 separate countries on earth it means it is possible to ski in almost half of them.

A new study by Snow24 has sought to locate every country on earth where skiing and snowboarding is possible.

The study found that 97 countries on seven continents had some sort of skiable surface, in most cases snow, but the report also included artificial surface slopes. 

A further three countries offered sand skiing on sand dunes taking the total to 100.

The continent with most skiing countries is Europe which has two thirds of all the ski areas in the world.

Only Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City are reported not to have ski slopes of some description.

The report found that more than 30 countries offered indoor snow or artificial surface skiing and that six countries can only offer snowsports at indoor snow centres.

These include Malaysia, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

They are to be joined later this year by new indoor snow centres opening in Bahrain and Egypt. 

The study found that the snow cover in six countries in Africa and South America on high mountains close to the equator was critically endangered. 

These were among a dozen or so countries where only the seriously determined have hiked up thousands of metres to the snow line having carried their skis half way around the world in order to say they've skied the country where the snowfield exists. 

Ireland only has one artificial surface ski slope while Brazil and Mexico do have some snow cover but their only permanent ski areas are artificial surface slopes.

In terms of mountain ranges, the most ski areas are located in the Alps with 1551 areas (excluding the Dolomites) and ski lifts have been installed over the past 80 years right around the world and from Antarctica in the south to multiple locations in the Arctic Circle to the north.

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