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Flooding in the Alps
Sunday June 2, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding in Austria and Switzerland. It has combined with melting snow to produce extreme conditions. Several people are reported to have died. The videos we have show the strength of Mother Nature.

One of the worst affected areas is in Austria where a worker helping with the clear up operation was swept away near city of Salzburg. Two other people are still missing.

A third person has been reported missing in the province of Vorarlberg.

Roads have been closed and we have heard from a PlanetSKI reader that the Austrian ski resort of Salbaach has been cut off as the road is deemed impassable.

Many roads in the Alps have been shut, including the one between Hopfgarten and Westendorf, due to mud slides.

Ski resorts have been pounded by heavy rain.

Hundreds of people have evacuated their homes and the situation is still described as 'critical'. In places a months worth of rain fell in two days.

Badly affected are the provinces of Tirol, Salzburg,  Upper and Lower Austria.

The following information was issued on Tuesday afternoon by the authorities on the latest situation.

"This weekend brought heavy rain and flooding to large parts of Central Europe. Parts of Austria has also been hit with some of the worst flooding in years. Luckily the situation is fast improving in the western parts of Austria, mainly in Vorarlberg, Tirol and Salzburg where waters are slowly receding and cleanup crews are hard at work.

Currently the flooding is worst in Eastern Austria, especially along the Danube River. All river cruise and boating activity had to be stopped temporarily. The old town of Melk is several feet underwater. Throughout Austria you may experience schedule changes and rerouting on various train routes due to conditions."

Reports say four people are missing, feared dead, in Switzerland and Germany.

The army in Germany is on stand-by.

Rivers are at dangerously high levels as heavy rain continues to fall.

For a montage of pictures of the flooding and the efforts people are making to save their homes and possessions then see here.

The image below, of the ongoing bad weather in the Alps, was taken on Sunday.

St Johann, Austrian TirolSt Johann, Austrian Tirol












One of our freinds over on Facebook has sent us the image below from St Johann with the river at dangerosuly high levels.

Flooding fearsFlooding fears













Although there is danger in the Alps the most threatened areas are lower down as some of Europe's largest rivers are fed from the smaller ones coming down from the Alps.

For the latest information as rivers burst their banks and people are evacuated see this story on the BBC.

Prague, the Czech Republic is on high alert.

Flood barriers have been deployed and volunteers are filling sandbags in the city, the river Vltava reached its peak level in Prague during Monday morning.

The Prime Minister, Petr Necas, called a special cabinet meeting to co-ordinate the emergency plan.

There are many flood alerts on the Danube and parts of Central Europe are bracing themselves.

Homes have been evacuated across southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.

There have also been flood alerts in SW France and the Pyrenees.

We will bring you further news on the flooding, in the Alps and elsewhere, later on PlanetSKI.

Forecasters say the rain should ease off on Monday.

Once again at altitude this means more snow is falling and adding to the huge amounts still remaining.

Valais, SwitzerlandValais, Switzerland













If you are a PlanetSKI reader our in the Alps at the moment then do please let us know what conditions are like -

For a look at the current snow levels still in the Alps see this related PlanetSKI story with some videos and pictures of the snow that remains.

For the spirit of the mountains

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