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Chemmy Alcott breaks leg
Wednesday August 28, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

The GB Number 1 female alpine skier has broken her leg in training. It is another setback as she prepares for Sochi and the latest injury in her career. Early medical reports say that it is not too serious but it is a significant blow for her Olympic preparations.

She has been training with the Norwegian team in Saas-Fee in Switzerland and has broken her leg.

The glacier resort is popular with many national ski teams and racers at this time of year as they prepare for the coming season.

The exact circumstances of the accident are unclear but it does not appear to be a serious break and she says she will miss the first races of the season but be fit for the Winter Olympics in Sochi next February.

It will though seriously disrupt her preparations and is yet another blow for the 31-year old racer whose recent career has been dogged by injury and disappointment.

"Slight set back in my Sochi prep as the last day of a fabulous camp where I was skiing technically stronger than ever, I had a little whoopsie. Rebroken my leg," she said.

"Clean, easy break already weight bearing. Medical opinion is I will miss first races but will be good to go full speed ahead after."

She says that despite the injury she remoans optimistic and hopeful for the Winter Olympics next February.

"Unfortunate set back but I am used to the adversity, just another chapter before the Hollywood finish in Sochi!!"

Later she sent us this update at PlanetSKI: "Just a tumble training GS in Saas-Fee with my Norwegian team-mates."

Earlier this month she sent us a message at PlanetSKI that her training was going well as the 2013/14 season approaches.

"I am having an amazing camp. Finally skiing pain free and really fast - hopefully an omen of great things to come," she said.

She has set her sights on a top 10 finish in Sochi.

She came 11th in the super combined in Vancouver in 2010. This matched an 11th at the downhill in Turin in 2006.

Chemmy had a serious crash in trainiing in Canada in 2010 that almost ended her career; we reported on it here.

For an earlier PlanetSKI article on her training with the Norwegians then see this PlanetSKI article.

Chemmy is having a special fundraising event with her partner, the British ski racer, Dougie Crawford, in October; see here for further details.

She says it will go ahead despite some uncertainty abour her racing future given the injury.

"We still want this event to go on. I still need your support and would love to celebrate my journey to my last Olympics with you all during a night of fabulous entertainment and fun which Dougie and I have been working really hard to put together," she said.

"I understand some of you may have fears now, however if the worst case scenario should arise and my place in Team GB next year be in jeopardy I will contact you all. at that point we will make arrangements (your contribution would either be channeled more towards Dougie's huge costs or I would like to divide it up between the charities close to my heart.)

Regardless I just want you to know that I will not pocket any money we receive from this fundraiser on anything apart from trying to be the best."


We have just received this latest information from Chemmy on Thursday afternnoon.

"The news is as positive as it can be. I had a clean, easy to heal and quick to heal break. Already today I have done a bike session so although the situation is far from ideal this close to the Olympics I have already proved my determination to overcome adversity before and I will do again.

I am still aiming for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Yes, I will miss the first races of the season but my aim is and has been for the last for years to represent Team GB with pride and confidence in Russia."

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