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Skiing makes you happy
Wednesday December 4, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

A team of researchers from South Korea has conducted extensive studies and concluded that skiing and snowboarding make people happy. We could have told them that for nothing!

The team from Yonsei University, led by Hyun-Woo Lee, surveyed 279 people in 3 separate ski areas in the Republic Of Korea. 

Skiers made up 45.2% of the sample, snowboarders 40.1% and those that did both were 14.7%.

On average the people spent 4.5 days in the resort and 90% visited a ski area up to 5 times in a winter season.

The study wanted to find out people's sense of pleasure plus their level of engagement, involvement and satisfaction.

The, er, rather unstaggering conclusion was that snowsports made people feel satisfied and happy.

"People will do it even at a great cost, for the sake of doing it. Involvement relates to having a sense of meaning and purpose in life: how you are able to be part of something larger than yourself," said an assessment of the report's findings.

"Being deeply involved in an enjoyable physical activity can enhance a person's positive outlook on life."

Snowsports also make people happy even if only participated in for a short time and irregularly.

So there you have it. It's official - skiing and snowboarding make people happy.

"Adult playfulness can influence people's happiness, while activities and socially convening around a sporting activity such as skiing have positive psychological outcomes and contribute to overall well-being. This is also true for people who only casually participate in sports," said Hyun-Woo Lee.

The only small thing of note is that skiers are happier than snowboarders. Apparently.

The material has been published in Springer's Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life.

For the spirit of the mountains

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