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Ski Club election results
Friday November 28, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

An attempt by a single issue group to take over the club's governing body has been defeated.

Last night's 2.5 hour AGM saw 4 members trying to get on to the Ski Club's ruling council so they could overturn changes to the Club's off piste skiing policy.

The Club was formed in 1903 and has 34,000 members.

The policy was changed following an accident off piste in Verbier in 2007 where a person died.

The 4 members picked up 200 or so votes each but the 4 council-backed candidates received 300 or so votes each.  It was an amiable and businesslike evening despite some of the wild accusations that have been posted in the Club's chat room on its web site in recent weeks. Emotions were certainly running high.

The Chairman of the Club, Neil Britten, apologised for the way the changes were communicated to members and promised to do better in the future. 

Some members believe that as the 4 single issue group members received such widespread support their views should be considered.

It remains to be seen whether the scars from this internal battle will heal quickly.

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