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Horror fall at Freeride World Tour
Monday March 31, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

The Swiss rider Samual Anthamatten had a huge fall on the Bec Des Rosses. He cartwheeled over rocks but somehow managed to end up back on his skis.

The Swiss mountain guide from Zermatt is one lucky man.

He fell on one of the steepest sections of the mountain during the final round of the Freereide World Tour that took place in Verbier at the weekend - see here for the full news report from PlanetSKI.

He fell on a section know as Hollwood Air.

"He is going to have to self-arrest," said the commentators as he fell down the slope.

The crowd fell silent as they watched his rag-doll fall.

For the video of the accident then see here.


He recovered to continue skiing and was taken to hospital.

He suffered cuts and bruises and posted the picture below on Facebook.

Sam in hospitalSam in hospital
















"Hollywood :2 Sam :0  I am alright, for those who saw the nasty crash. I am sorry!!!" he said.

The 2 refers to an earlier fall in the same place in a previous competition.

He has been wished well by his many admirers and fellow-riders.

Here are just a few comments.

"The slam was one of the scariest I've seen on the Bec, and actually riding out of it one of the most amazing things I've ever seen there too! One day your skills and go for it attitude will put you on top of the podium. I'm sure of it. Keep riding like that! You inspire people, freeriders or not."

"Glad you're on FB nearly smiling, get better."

"Hey, saw your crash in live, I was affraid, but your looking good finally, take some days to recover and continue to make all of us dream with your fabulous steep lines! We love you, because you're worth it."

"Sam hope you're be fine. Watch you life and was fighting with you to stop slabing, than you ski out like a boss. Hope you will be fine ASAP."

One comment came from a former FWT winner, the French snowboarder Xavier de le Rue who is a good friend of Sam's.

"Get well soon muppet!"

The Freeride World Tour is obviously dangerous but many measures are put in place to ensure the safety of the riders as we have reported in this earlier PlanetSKI story when we were in St Moritz, Switzerland, for a leg of the tour in 2011.

Freeriding has inherent risks given the slopes the riders tackle.

In March 2011 25-year old Ryan Hawkes died in Kirkwood, USA, during a round of the North American Freeskiing Championships that was a sister event of the FWT; we reported on it at the time.

Here are some other dramatic falls on the Bec des Rosses.

In 2011 the Swiss skier, Ludo Lovey, fell over a hundred metres tumbling over rocks. 

He was lucky and suffered only a dislocated shoulder and some heavy bruising.

In 2001 the New Zealand snowboarder, Maria Kuzma, was caught in an avalanche.

Meanwhile in one infamous move the Swedish rider, Sverre Liliequest, did a backflip as he out skied an avalanche in the Swatch Skiers Cup in a related freeride event in Zermatt in 2013.

For the spirit of the mountains

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