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ALDI sells skiwear - Clare Meaney, Aldi
Thursday December 4, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

The cut-price store has just filled up its shelves with ski clothing. It claims it can kit out a skier for a fraction of the price of elsewhere. We sent our fashion correspondent along as the doors opened.

At approximately 8.00am on Thursday 4th December I found myself in an ALDI store in Hatfield.

There, I've said it.

For someone whose regards Knightsbridge as her natural habitat, and can be regularly seen "popping into Waitrose for a few bits", a trip to ALDI was a whole new experience.

But as I always say, you should try everything at least once (with the obvious exception of Morris dancing).

There's been a lot of hype recently about the ALDI skiwear range, and today was the day of reckoning.

The full 2014 skiwear range had arrived in store.

I was fully expecting to see queues of people waiting to enter, followed by hordes of avid skiers playing tug of war over the last remaining pair of salopettes, in scenes reminiscent of Black Friday.

But to my surprise there was just me, and ONE other lady.

Aldi storeAldi store













I asked the lady if she had come to the store today specifically to buy something from the new skiwear range.

She said that she had, and that she was very disappointed because she had come to buy some ski pants for her son, but was dismayed to discover that there wasn't one pair of men's ski pants in sight.

But all was not a lost.

A very efficient member of staff came along, and eager to help went straight out to the store room and returned with a giant box of men's ski pants.

The lady picked up a pair of black ski pants priced at £19.99, and merrily trotted off to the till to pay. 

And all this before 8.15am.














The next customer who came along was a grandfather who had been instructed by his daughter to purchase full sets of ski wear for her three children.

He reckoned it would be a third of the price of what they normally pay.

He had a trolley full of pink and blue snow boots, hats, gloves, goggles, jackets and a few Christmas jumpers thrown in for good measure.

Affordable skiwear seems to have been in a bit of a wilderness since the demise of C&A and its Rodeo range.

M&S did a reasonable range for a few years, but that seemed to disappear overnight.

TK Maxx is always an option, but you are often left scrambling about with random items which never seem to quite match.

The ALDI range is small, but complete.

You really can buy an entire outfit including goggles and helmet for less than £100.

There's no need to be sniffy about it.

The technical specification is more than adequate for your average recreational skier, the styling is fairly plain but perfectly pleasant, and the price is incredible.  

Whilst the staff couldn't really answer detailed questions about the products, they were very friendly and more than willing to help with finding the right sizes.

The sizing is on the generous side - so I would probably recommend buying one size down.

There aren't any changing rooms or mirrors, so it's probably best to take all items home to try.

ALDI operates a 60 day return policy, so there's no need to worry if items of clothing don't fit.

If you are looking to kit out the family for a first ski trip, don't waste your time trailing around internet sites and discount warehouses - just head straight to ALDI.

But be quick - they fully expect the entire range to sell out within the next couple of weeks.

The nice gentleman buying clothing for his grandchildren assured me that the only reason there weren't any queues in ALDI this morning was quite simply because people don't get up that early in Hatfield.

Well, you learn something new every day.

So, did I buy anything?

Well, I didn't actually buy anything from the skiwear range because the truth of the matter was that my own personal skiwear collection is already far larger than that of ALDI's.

But I did buy a Christmas tree.


















And a very nice man carried it to the car for me.

You don't often get that kind of service.

Not even in Knightsbridge...

AldiAldi thermals













AldiAldi boots













AldiAldi gloves













AldiAldi goggles













AldiAldi socks













Next January ALDI is introducing a kids Snowboard range which will feature clothes for the kids as well as a Snowboard Suit (£19.99), Gloves (£4.99) and Goggles (£7.99).

For the full range of all current ALDI ski wear check here.

For the spirit of the mountains

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