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Decision day
Tuesday July 28, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

The host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics will be announced shortly. Only 2 contenders are in it after many others dropped out. The favourite is one with no snow.

NEWS UPDATE 12.00 - The result is out and Beijing has won. See here for our updated news story.....

The result should be announced at before 11.00 BST.

It should have been known already but there was a problem with the electronic voting.

It was abandoned earlier after IOC director general, Christophe De Kepper, told the delegates that there had been “interferences with changes of tablets”.

They had to resort to a paper ballot.

The votes have been cast and are now being counted.

It is down to a straight fight between Beijing in China and Almaty in Kazakhstan.

The vote is being held as the IOC meets in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The favourite is Beijing and if it wins it will become the first city to host both the summer and winter Games.

It will also be the first Winter Olympics host that is not expecting to see any natural snow at its skiing and snowboarding venues.

All the snow in the ski areas, that will be a distance from Beijing, will need to be artificial.

The two mountain clusters where skiing and sliding events would be held, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing, have "minimal annual snowfall and for the Games would rely completely on artificial snow," said the IOC Evaluation Committee Report.

This may seem a surprise.

However the temperatures remain reliably cold, unlike the past venues of Sochi and Vancouver where there were problems with snow, so it can be man-made.

It is unlikley to melt as it remains below zero for much of the winter.

Most alpine race slopes are comprised of artificial snow anyway, with tens of thousands of gallons of water sprayed on them.

The Park & Pipe athletes compete on man-made courses that are sculpted by machines and snowmakers.

PlanetSKI reader, Benedicte Lapeyrere, sent us the pictures below from the resort of Nanshan that is in the area.

She skied in the region a few years back.

"The snow is made at the beginning of the winter and then it does not melt due to the cold temperature so skiing is mainly done on thin strips of artificial snow," she said.

Nanshan, ChinaNanshan, China
















Nanshan, ChinaNanshan, China
















PlanetSKI reporter, Rob Stewart, has visited Almaty in Kazakhstan to see its skiing venues and plans; see here for his report from 2013.

The early front runner for the 2022 Winter Olympics was Oslo in Norway but it dropped out as public support fell away; see here for our story as many other European countries withdrew or did not put their hats in the rings due to limited public support.

Intense lobbying is now going on from delegates from Beijing and Almaty in the final day of campaigning in Malaysia - see here for an earlier story on the PlanetSKI as we covered the final formal presentations from the 2 cities that were made last month. 

It contains full details of the respective bids.

"Almaty's vision for the Games mentioned in the report is rooted in the desire to accelerate economic and social reforms; build on the country's winter sports heritage; and showcase the positive aspects of Almaty and Kazakhstan. The vision is aligned with the Kazakhstan 2050 strategy. Almaty's concept seeks to deliver a legacy in three areas: sports and physical activity; venues and infrastructure; and economic growth," said the final IOC report on Almaty.

"Beijing's vision for the Games seeks to incorporate winter sports into people's lives, with the ultimate goal of improving overall fitness and health. Beijing 2022 has offered a regional concept intended to develop a winter sports market for more than 300 million people in northern China. This vision is fully aligned with national economic growth strategies and priorities," said the IOC report on Beijing.

We will be following events on Friday and will bring you news of the winner as soon as it is announced.

Who will be hosting 2022?Who will be hosting 2022?









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