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New campaign launched to buy British
Monday September 21, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

The aim is to encourage people to buy their snowsports equipment in the UK. There are many benefits but the current euro exchange rate is favourable for buying abroad.

The 'Go UK, Buy UK' campaign has been launched by Snowsports Industries of Great Britain, SIGB.

It aims to raise awareness of the benefits associated with buying in-store or online from a UK snowsports retailer.

Whilst price is a key driver for many people there is more than just the cost to consider when buying snowsport equipment and clothing.

Some foreign websites mask their physical location, giving the impression of being UK based when they are not.

The campaign gives 5 reasons to do so.

1. Sound, clear advice

Buying from UK specialist retailer, especially a member of SIGB, will also ensure you are offered a high level of service and advice.

Being able to see, hold and try on kit, especially ski and snowboard hardware and outerwear has no substitute. 

2. Comfort and performance

Getting good fitting boots in particular can be a deal breaker in terms of how much you enjoy your skiing or snowboarding holiday. Renting boots can more often than not be a painful gamble, and there really is no substitute to having your own pair.

Getting your boots professionally fitted in the UK by an expert who speaks your language and can analyse your feet and the fit of the boots is a vital part of being ready for a snowsports trip.

3. Worry-free warranty

Buying from a UK retailer, customers will avoid potential warranty or customs issues.

Warranty claims should be handled by the seller, so any complaint or return is a lot easier when dealing with a UK retailer.

Correct binding fitting and adjustment is also important in terms of warranty validity. 

4. After sales support

Follow up after-sales, whether it's boot-fitting adjustments, repairs or maintenance is an important part of any UK specialist shop's reputation and service standard.

Buying at home gives confidence in terms of on-going support.

5. Support the sport

The campaign encourages British skiers and snowboarders to buy in the UK to support the British snowsports industry.  

British athletes, who did so well in the Sochi Winter Olympics, are helped by a supportive and active trade.

The UK snowsport trade has invested over £1.2m to promote skiing and snowboarding at all levels in the past 20 years.

Boot fitting in the UK at ProfeetBoot fitting in the UK
















Here at PlanetSKI we buy in the UK when it makes sense and agree with many of the above points.

Our content editor recently replaced his old boots, bought in the Alps a decade or so ago, with ones fitted in London; see here for his report on the experience.

Boot fitting at Profeet in FulhamBoot fitting at Profeet in Fulham














However with a near 20% rise in the value of the pound against the euro over the last 2 years there are clearly cost benefits from shopping abroad. 

However it is also worth checking prices as many in-resort prices in ski resorts are still high.

One of our retail partners, Ellis Brigham, has just launched its winter brochure; see here for what is on offer.

In with the new?In with the new?
















For the spirit of the mountains

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