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Ski resort closes as grizzly bears threaten
Tuesday April 26, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

Lake Louise in Canada was again partially shut as three bears have now been seen roaming near the front side of the mountain. A bear also wandered into Marmot Basin. UPDATED

Lake Louise is due to stay open until this Sunday, May 1st, but had to close the runs on the front side of the mountain last week after a female grizzly bear was spotted; we reported on it at the time.

The runs re-opened but now the bear is back and others have also been seen.

"The bear we call Olivia has been roaming around the ski hill on runs such as Men's Downhill, Cameron Way and Wiwaxy," said resort spokesman, Dan Markham.

Specialists from Parks Canada have been called in to monitor the bear and others that have been spotted.

Olivia has been given a number, 138, while other bears that are known to live in the area have also been seen.

Bear 122, known as the Boss, has been spotted and also a young female, 142.

Skiers and snowboarders are being transported to and from the slopes that are open in a gondola that passes near to where the bears are.

Grizzly bear alert!Grizzly bear alert!













Many bears have been spotted in the area as they come out of hibernation.

One came onto the slopes of the ski resort of Marmot Basin as the resort prepared for its closing day. 

Barriers were put up and it was ushed away.

The photos were taken by Mike Gere.

Marmot Basin, CanadaMarmot Basin, Canada




















Marmot Basin, CanadaMarmot Basin, Canada















One bear has been seen near Highway 68 between Banff and Calgary.

Another has been seen by the railway line at Banff by one of our readers/reporters.

"It was about 30m from the main station and was on the line eating grain that had fallen from a passing train. I called Park Canada on my mobile and a team arrived and shot at it with rubber bullets to make it get off the line and leave the area," said local ski instructor, Alex Cove. "At this time of year bears are seen in town and officials want to keep them away."

Alex's iPhone footage of the bear from a safe distance.

Here at PlanetSKI we saw Boo the Bear in the ski resort of Kicking Horse in British Columbia when we visited earlier this month; see here for that story.

Boo the bearBoo the bear
















Boo the bearA full size male grizzly

















- In Canada it is legal to hunt them in British Columbia, but not in Alberta.  EU rules prevent European hunters bringing their skins or bodies back as trophies.

- It is estimated there are around 15,000 grizzly bears in British Columbia alone, but no-one knows for sure.

- If a bear charges the worst thing to do is run as they can travel at speeds of up to 40km/hr. You need to remain clam, stand tall, and the chances are it will stop, look at you and then wander off.

- They can grow to 8.5 feet tall and weigh up to 1,200lb. Their sense of smell is 75 times more sensitive than a blood hound.

- They mainly eat plants and berries and do not growl, expect when in Hollywood movies.

- They hibernate from November through to April, but often they are little more than dozing and they sometimes wake up, wander around and then go back to sleep

Boo the bearBoo the bear
















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