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Ski industry criticises survey
Wednesday December 10, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

A recent poll claimed 3/4s of people would cancel their ski holiday due to the credit crunch. Not so, say the tour operators.

The poll of 1,005 people was conducted by ICM for the travel insurance company, InsureandGo.

It claimed that a quarter of these people are staying at home in order to enable them to afford a summer holiday in 2009.

Inghams, Erna Low The Ski Club of Great Britain and Peak Retreat are just some of the organisations that have responded saying the survey is inaccurate.  “Unreliable”“This is simply not true”, and “This story is questionable” are some of their reactions.

shutters_up_400However, their quick response does show how worried they are about the coming winter season and how they want to keep the message positive and upbeat.

There are also still plenty of empty chalets and appartments in the run up to, and over, the Christmas period.

News this week that the pound is now at its lowest level against the Euro is hardly good news for the ski industry as economic worries begin to bite.

Now, here at PlanetSKI we haven’t seen the exact findings but making a prediction that only a quarter of the 1.3m Brits who go skiing and snowboarding will actually go to the slopes this winter seems a bit far-fetched to us.

However things are not looking good in North America.

Here's a video we've made this week about how the snow has proved a welcome boost to a worried industry here in Europe.


New Year and half term are almost fully booked out and the great snow conditions will change some people’s minds.

There is little doubt the economic situation will hit the ski industry and it is very difficult to get much information beyond general statements from the tour operators, but the prediction seems a bit wide of the mark.

At PlanetSKI we reckon people will make economies by staying somewhere cheaper, taking a packed lunch or generally spending less money while in the resort.

Interestingly the ski school in Verbier where our content editor James Cove works, European Snowsport , has seen a rise in adult group lessons as people seem to opt for those rather than the more expensive private lessons.

Do check out our how to save money guide if you want some hints and tips – we’ve been trying to save money is ski resorts for years!

We’ve also got some good offers in our deals and discounts section that was updated on Thursday 11th December.

The survey seems to back up some of our thoughts with 36% of people saying they'll avoid mountain restaurants, 33% that they'll go to a cheaper resort and 36% claiming they'll choose cheaper accommodation.

It’s a story we’ll be keeping a close eye on over the winter and we will try to bring you accurate and independent information on how the credit crunch affects the multi-million pound ski industry.

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