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Welcome to roller skiing - Katie Bamber
Tuesday July 5, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

The sport has a World Cup competition that has just kicked off, a long history and is cheap & accessible to everyone. Fancy getting on some skis on this summer in your local park?

Roller Skiing is an off-snow sport and has developed from what was originally an out-of-season training practice for cross-country skiers.

It has a very similar technique to the sport of snow.

Wheeled skis and tarmac roads replace cross-country skis and snow-covered terrain.

Not only is it now an established competitive sport but has grown in popularity and can be seen being practiced on roads and in city parks.

On July 1, the 2016 FIS Rollerski World Cup kicked off its first stage in Oroslavje, Croatia.

The event has three further stages - held in Solleftea in Sweden, Madona in Latvia, and ending up in Italy's Trento.

The competition will include uphill, distance and sprint events.

Below are videos showing extracts of the 2015 World Cup's sprint and distance events:

Sweden has the defending champions in both the men and women's competitions, with Robin Norum and Lin Somskaer holding the 2015 titles.

For those looking for the basics in roller skiing and have their own set, check out this video of Matt Liebish explaining the muscles and technique involved when starting.

To learn a little more about the sport, here are some links of previous PlanetSKI articles on roller skiing.

Don't miss the article on Venezuela's Cesar Baena, who has set records and helped bring the media's attention to the sport.

Here we reported as the season started last summer.

And we were reporting on it back in 2009 too!

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