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Monday August 1, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

There are some insane snowsports videos on the internet and we want to share some of the best on this rolling Vlog. NEW & UPDATED

As it's a rolling Vlog the most recent post is at the top.
Sit back and enjoy! Surprised

See here for the collection of videos posted in May, June and July.

17th August 2016

Red Bull has done it again!

Another brilliant escapade with a bunch of guys doing crazy stunts, this time they're speedriding in wingsuits and paraponts in the middle of summer.

It does looks dangerous.

As they descend, two wingsuiters grab hold of the paraponter's hands and propel him swiftly down to earth, accelerating dangerously as they get closer to the landing strip.

And the landing?

Well, finding a suitable landing spot for skis in the middle of summer is somewhat tricky.

So these guys went along with a good old-fashioned lawn game, affectionately known to many as Slip 'N Slide.

Luckily the daring ride slides to safety, without much grace but it looked like a lot of fun.


16th August 2016

Haha! We wonder what the locals thought when this rabble of four retrobates (aka the Rusty Toothbrush) burst onto the slopes of Mt Hotham in August?

Who needs boring rails when you've got a bus.

Love the video guys!

Awesome snow.


15th August 2016

Two videos today:

Antarctica Ski Cruise 2015 with Ice Axe Expeditions:

We find the whole spirit of adventure in this this video enthralling.

It may be 8 months old but it hasn't had many views yet and its worth sharing.

The video shows the contrast of a wild, grey looking, rough cruel sea counterpointed by sunny white beautiful snow capped slopes.

Guided by Chris Davenport and Todd Offenbacher there's a little bit of ice climbing and a little bit of skiing and a lot of icebergs.

Wish we were there too.

SuperUnknown XIII Finals:

Tricks, mad cap antics and some oopsy moments with Level 1 crew.

Practise makes perfect.

Fantastic fun and tricks on the snow


12th August 2016

Episode Two of South Lines.

An Adria Millan and Aymar Navarro project about skiing in South America.

11th August 2016

Seeking Nirvana part 3 - The Lucky Strike

The band of four intrepid adventurers find rare treasure... found only in alpine regions, a land of unrelenting rock and ice, caped with soft and endless snow.

We feature parts 1 and 2 of Seeking Nirvana in earlier posts below.


10th August 2016

Seeking Nirvana Part 2 - Cabin Fever  (the first episode is shown in our post below dated 9th August).

Once again the four childhood friends embark on a journey deep into the wild mountain terrain of British Columbia.

They batle through blizzards towards untracked powdery landscapes.

The backcountry terrain is absolutely stunning.

Another 14 minutes taken out of your life, I'm afraid, but the video is worth it.


9th August 2016

Anyone contemplating skiing the backcountry around Whistler should watch this.

Its about a group of 4 men Seeking Nirvana.

This is the mountain village of Whistler, 675m above sea level. It's forested with old growth fir and cedar, which is important black bear habitat.

It is terrain criss-crossed by deep valleys making way to endless glaciers.

There are few paved roads but instead there are many miles of intersecting logging roads and dirt trails. It is an El Nino year.

The group is on the far edge of the Howe Sound, famous for fierce storms.

Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch it.


8th August 2016

Steamboat Springs in Colorado is perhaps better known for its backcountry snowcat skiing and snowboarding.

But these guys on their Fat Bikes look as though they're enjoying the snow, hitching lifts up the mountain on the snowcat which also bashes out the terrain for a more comfy ride down.

Great shots of the group biking through trees and deep powder snow.

We've not tried Fat Biking in deep snow yet but it looks as though it requires a lot of effort and skill.

#lovethevideo guys.

#lovethesnow #bucketlist

5th August 2016

Boardworld is a new snowboarding series from Australia.

"Paradise Valley" is the first episode from Boardworld shot entirely on location at Perisher on its infamous Front Valley terrain park.

This episode features three local shredders Angus Waddington, Harley Trivia and Sam "Reddog” Neumann all guys at the top of their game and their stunts and antics were captured by cameraman Scotty Twible.

This episode was shot late July just after the sun came out following some bad weather - beautiful bluebird day.
#LoveWInter #Lovesnow

4th August 2016

Last month we featured the teaser for the new MSP film Ruin and Rose to be released in the UK on 11th November in our Vlog here >>.

And today we include the Voelkl ski edit with professional skier Fabio Studer.



Plus a short edit of pro skier Tanner Rainville playing in the powder.

Looking forward to the premier.


3rd August 2016

People are awesome, in the literal sense of the freeskiers in the video below. 

Below are eight minutes of bliss.

Snow, skiing, mountains... what more does one need when you're sitting at work dreaming of winter?

Footage is by PVS Company (Julien Carr - Legs Of Steel - Last Frontier).


2nd August 2016

One sure sign that winter is on its way are teaser skiing videos.

Jackson Hole has just released its promo video hyping up the annual August Season Pass Sale. 

They are also offering a new Plus Pass featuring 25 days of free skiing.

More details here

Come on winter - hurry up! We can't wait for you.



1st August 2016

Two great videos to kick off the month of August.

The first Fresh Flakes with Randal Seaton takes us to Mt Bachelor with Randal, Josh Dirksen, and Jared Elson for some epic snow and snowboarding.

The second video, High Speed Wedel  transports us via a headcam to the top of the mountain with some pretty good powder.

Its got great music, with some positive headstrong skiing.

There's a brilliant quote in the music of a "human in control"....

Patently this skier is pretty good, bouncing through some lovely powder snow and he does seem to be in control, but only just.

The video description says it all,  "You can go straight and make it look lame, or turn and show em' you're on top of it".



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