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Sunday October 2, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

There are some insane snowsports videos on the internet and we want to share some of the best on this rolling Vlog. NEW & UPDATED

As it's a rolling Vlog the most recent post is at the top.

Sit back and enjoy! Surprised

See here for the collection of videos posted in June, July, August and September.

Friday 21st October 2016

Oh dear! Every skier knows that awful feeling when you ski over a large rock hidden just beneath that thin layer of snow.

That hard, sharp prang and that loud, grating scratching sound. 😱

Well, Willy Bogner, of the Bogner fashion brand, plus a handful of extreme athletes managed to get over all that and produced one of the most fascinating, and perhaps a bit cringe-worthy films, for people who love their skis.

In the 1990 sports film for Bogner, Fire, Ice and Dynamite, a bunch of athletes race recklessly down a rocky cliff on skis and snowboards.

But with absolutely not one single snowflake in sight this film is total carnage on the mountain. Nevertheless it is a tremendous performance.

Though the scene is lighthearted with a heap of slapstick humor, the skill of the athletes and difficulty of their performance is not to be underestimated.

... and yet, those poor skis!

Over the past 50 years, Willy Bogner’s prodigious filmmaking career has produced many of the greatest sports-action scenes. 

Here’s a short edit with some of the best action scenes.

Thursday 20th October 2016

The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice - Episode 2 Wyoming: Life on Mars. Step into Travis’ backyard, Jackson, Wyoming.

Far beyond the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s boundaries, Travis searches for the perfect unridden terrain.

With his hometown crew of riders, led by snowboarding great Bryan Iguchi, Travis finds a bowl called “Mars” deep in the Wyoming backcountry – a zone that he has been trying to reach for 15 years.

Fabulous powder. Fabulous!!

Wednesday 19th October 2016

Snowmads - A Journey Towards Eastern Suns is a film about Fabian Lentsch an Austrian freeskier and big mountaineer, realizing his long-cherished dream to discover the middle east.

Just imagine the ultimate road trip with a group of like-minded skiers and friends to discover new, unspoiled skiing lines.

These guys convert an old fire engine into a 4 x 4 camper van to use as the perfect vehicle for their adventure.

Fabian, his crew of Snowmads and film maker Jonas Abenstein head into the unknow and explore Turkey, Iran and Georgia.

They meet and befriend locals and explore some awesome terrain.

The riders include four Austrians, two Germans, one New Zealander, one Austalian and a Frenchman.

The bunch include Fabian Lentsch (AUT), Dane Tudor (AUS/USA), Neil Williman (NZL,) Jochen Mesle (GER), Tom Leitner (GER), Leo Slemett (FRA), Markus Ascher (AUT), Roman Rohrmoser (AUT), Tobi Tritscher (AUT).

The Snowmads tour of three venues starts in Innsbruck on 29th October, Munich 30th October, Salzburg 18th November, and then available on demand from 12th December.

In the meantime to get a taste of their adventure watch the Official Trailer below.

Tuesday 18th October 2016

The latest trailer from Armada Skis, Armada 2016-17: DeepEST Day  should be called, Nirvana.

It shows the most amazingly deeeeep powder snow.

22nd December 2015 was obviously the day for Sammy Carlson, Todd Ligare and Riley Leboe to remember, as they ski in the Monashee Mountains in British Columbia.

Waist deep, epic powder, backcountry skiing.

What more could anyone want?

Heaven, paradise, nirvana!


Monday 17th October 2016

Full Moon is about a bunch of women pushing boundaries in the backcountry world of snowboarding. 

The film took two years to make and features some of the best riders including Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, Robin Scettini and Robin Van Gyn.

Leanne Pelosi gives us a behind-the-scenes look at some of the issues the team had to overcome in the making of this fab film.

To quote Leanne, "When you surround yourself with the right people the magic happens"  and she's right, congratulations ladies, it is magic.

We also featured the trailer in September's Vlog.

The movie is now available on iTunes.

Friday 14th October 2016

Life Beyond Walls - Golden Days

A fabulous skiing adventure in British Columbia with some rad skiers.

Smith athletes Rachael Burks, Amie Engerbretson, and Hadley Hammer joined up with big-mountain guide, women's-skiing pioneer and longtime Smith ambassador, Jess Baker.

Jess, normally guides out of Jackson Hole and Alaska, but wanted to put a trip together with some of the best women's skiers in the industry to explore a zone deep in Golden, British Columbia.

So in March of 2016, they heli'd into the zone and spent the trip skinning out of their cabin.

Days were spent checking the snow pack, chasing powder lines and sending it off pillow drops. Nights were spent melting snow for drinking water, cooking provisions, drinking it blue, sharing stories and playing campfire games.

Thursday 13th October 2016

We've featured a few edits and trailers from Ruin & Rose by MSP which premiered earlier this month.

This special cut shows Mark Abma who delivers some of the best segments season after season, and this one is no different.

Traveling from Europe to Revelstoke, and finishing in Alaska there is no shortage of tricks, big technical lines, and deep powder in this athlete edit.

Enjoy this special edit of Ruin & Rose.

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Foothills: The Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding is an unusual story of snowboarding in Turkey.

The people of Petran in Turkey, have been snowboarding for roughly 300 years.

It’s not snowboarding as we know it, but you’ll recognise the simple board when it makes an appearance in the video.

In this film by WRKSHRT, we follow Alex Yoder and Nick Russell into Turkey’s Kaçkar Mountains on a quest to unearth the unlinked heritage of snowboarding and have some fun in the process.

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Another athlete edit from Ruin and Rose which premiered earlier this month.

After a two year sabbatical from filming with Matchstick Productions, last season Hoji reunited with the team for what would turn out to be one of his most enjoyable and successful filming seasons in the past few years.

MSP were lucky enough to have Hoji join them for three trips this season starting with his home away from home Golden Alpine Holidays.

He then joined the elite team in Revelstoke with Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing, and finished with a park shoot at Whistler Blackcomb.

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Two skiers start a skiing adventure in Iran.

Iran - A skiers Journey gives us a view of some stunning scenery and a dazzling glimpse of bustling bazaars and mosques in Tehran.

As journalist Elaine Sciolino writes, “Iran can be dazzling, and light-filled, a reflection of its complexities; but it can also be cold, confusing, and impenetrable.”

To travel to Iran is a reminder of the virtues of travel itself.

Nothing is as it first appears.

At private ski chalets at the top of the slopes of the Alborz and Zagros mountains, rules and customs relent.

Lovely video.

Tour operator, Mountain Heaven is organising trips to the mountains around Tehran. See our earlier story on Mountain Heaven here.

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Here's another adventure packed skiing film.

Skiing Our National Parks, is presented by REI Co-Op, and this video edit comes from Washington's Olympic chapter of the story.

It takes you trekking through a steamy, clammy rainforest, tramping eighteen miles right up to glacier skiing and into some stunning snow at Washington's Olympic National Park.

The arduous trek up is worth the effort for the magnificent ride down.

Check out the feature-length film "Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks", which premiers on October 20 in Denver, CO. This will be followed by a nationwide tour.  

They also promise the film will be available for online downloads.

Monday 3rd October 2016

Fabulous snowboarding lines in Haines, Alaska.

Faces of Alaska features Elias Elhardt snowboarding and commenting on the wonderful Alaskan environment.

We look forward to more in the series.

Sunday 2nd October 2016

Skiing the Hardrock is a short movie of an attempt for the first ever winter crossing on skis of the brutal Hardrock 100 mile foot race located high in the mountains of Colorado.

Ski mountaineering is a niche sport that is bigger in Europe than North America.

The 100 mile ordeal takes the group 4 days to complete.

There are some dramatic uphill struggles and relatively unsatisfactory downhill skiing with wind blown snow, and breakable crusts.

The adventure was more about skiing 100 miles rather than finding great powder.

Love the spirit of adventure and the determination to complete the challenge.

Guys ... we can relate to ill fitting boots! 😱

And following on the same theme of adventure A Skiers Journey is a series that explores the edges of skiing, where it exists and why.

From surprising to superlative to obscure locations, each episode finds a shared human joy in movement, community, and landscape.

From Iran, to China, to the vast ice fields of British Columbia's Coast Range, the final season evolves from a quest for snow to a search for home.

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