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The GB speed skier, Jan Farrell, has added another record to his collection. He went almost 40mph on asphalt while being towed behind a car!

Jan Farrell is perhaps better known for speed skiing and pelting down steep mountains at phenominal speeds.

But Jan Farrell has claimed a new speed record on land.

This time it was the Asphalt Ski World Record, which Farrell broke with a top speed of 63.78 kph (39.63mph).

Up till now the record had been held at 51.4 km/h (32 mph) by Erik Roner (USA) at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for the MTV show Nitro Circus.

So what does the Asphalt Ski World Record, involve?

You may well ask.

The venue was on the 1,726m straight section of the Moto GP circuit at Aragón, Spain, and involved Atomic skis, a red Ferrari, a rally driver and a speed skier.

Jan swapped his red streamlined plasticised aerodynamic speed suit for motorcycle leathers and a helmet used by professional motorcycle riders.

He clicked into his red Atomic skis and was ready for his tow.

Spanish rally driver Marc Sánchez, revved up the 578 horsepower engine of the red Ferrari 458 Italia Competizione, and they were ready to go.

Jan Farrell commented, "I set out to break the Asphalt Ski World Record, a long time objective of mine since I first trained behind a car back in 2001 with a group of friends."

And it seemed that the skis were difficult to control.

He continued, "Technically, skiing in these conditions isn't easy. During the record attempt I was fighting constantly to maintain my trajectory on the asphalt, as the skis were almost uncontrollable"

He added, "They (the skis) had a life of their own after about 50kph. Now the skis can only be used as museum pieces, one for the circuit, and one for the owners of the car."

Heels on fire!Heels on fire!











So what sort of skis might be used for this type of event?

You might expect that a special pair of skis might be tailor made for the occasion.

Surprisingly not, Jan Farrell used standard production World Cup skis from Atomic built specifically for Giant Slalom.  They were 195cm long and with a 35m radius.

It appears they were perfect for the feat due to their stiffness and lack of camber, so that the tip and tail do not put too much pressure on the ground.

And the effect was sparky.

Sparky AtomicsA sparky moment














Ferrari FireFerrari Fire















Farrell on Atomic SkisFarrell on Atomic Skis















The recordThe record












Atomic & Ferrari - a perfect combination Atomic & Ferrari - a perfect combination















Jan Farrell currently races the FIS World Cup Speed 1 category, the fastest non-motorised sport on the planet where ski racers surpass 200kph in less than 8 seconds on slopes that can reach 120% gradient.

Jan finished the 2016 World Cup in 6th place, and has reached a top speed of 231.660kph.

He’s now training hard for the upcoming season, which starts in Canada at the end of February.

Jan Farrell World Cup Speed SkierJan Farrell World Cup Speed Skier















Jan Farrell likes to make good use of his Atomic skis.

This summer he used one ski to crack open some champagne at his wedding.  We think this is quite a skill 😎


We covered Jan Farrell's recent World Cup speed record where reached 200 km/h on skis - read more here.

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