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There are some insane snowsports videos on the internet and we want to share some of the best on this rolling Vlog. NEW & UPDATED

As it's a rolling Vlog the most recent post is at the top.

Sit back and enjoy! Surprised

See here for the collection of videos posted in July, August, September and October.

29th November

Sammy Carlson bounces and frolicks in deep fluffy powder in the short film To Be.

He's living the powder dream in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

And then to spice up the action there are some backcountry heliskiing shots down some steeep gnarly spines.

Lovely action.

28th  November

Pushing boundaries in Chamonix and Zermatt.

This is a unique story of two skiing legends the infamous Vivian Bruchez from France and Swiss Sam Anthamatten, who invite a passionate amateur, Philip Criveli to join them in their adventure.

The crew climb and ride the north face of the Breithorn (in Zermatt) as well as the Passerelle and Aiguillettes couloirs (in Chamonix).

It's a challenging adventure and shows some epic scenery.

25th November

Sam Smoothy goes to North Korea on a ski trip like no other.

The (North) Korean Chronicle is not intended to be a political film.

There is no real agenda other than to see what goes on in a country that is recently learning about the sport of skiing.

But it gives Sam an opportunity to dip behind North Korea's red curtain, literally and figuratively.

There were some do's and don'ts in their briefing which we were not privy to, but "respect" was imperative.

Sam gives us a snapshot into Korean life and a view on skiing at the Masikryong Ski Resort.

There are some lovely cameos of life in North Korea.

We particuarly love the lifties white fur hats!

Its a fantastic film and worth watching to the end.

24th November

With his newfound confidence in the big mountains, Sam Cohen takes what he has learned from Home and puts his skills to the test.

But In Road: A way or course Sam meets the challenge.

New snow and bigger terrain, Sammo is forced to be patient and research the ever changing snow conditions of the Pacific North West in order for him to accomplish his goal of skiing the North West Couloir of Mt. Shuksan.

This route is only safely accessable a hand full of times in a year and requires superb snow conditions and weather windows.

Skier: Sam Cohen - Guides: Tom and Micky

23rd November

Kye Petersen and crew explore one of British Columbia's most sought after mountain ranges while the ravens watch from the heavens.

The gnarly but beautiful Tantalus Range is so close to Whistler's Sea-to-Sky Highway yet so, so far away.

Thankfully we get a bird's-eye view in this short film entitled Tantalus.

Athletes include Kye Petersen (who is also the narrator), Ryland Bell and Pep Fujas on the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

22nd November

Three powder professors Zack Giffin, Santiago Guzman, and Piers Solomon, climb Alaska's Chugach mountains up some 4,000m, and then they ski down.

They climb into the purple-hued peaks that tower above the clouds and enter a world of brilliant colour and life.

The video The Shadow Campaign: Volume III shows some lovely footage, shot on location at Alyeska Resort and Turnagain Pass (Chugach National Forest) in Alaska during January 2016.

The narration includes excerpts from the Encyclopaedia Britannica on 'Theories on the Origins of Life'.

Fabulous extreme skiing in pristine snow.

21st November

Last winter Nick McNutt was skiing in the North Cascades with the TGR film crew when he got caught up in a huge avalanche.

Fortunately the Canadian skier was able to perform under pressure.

He pointed his skis down hill and raced his way out of the avalanche.

(The crew were filming Teton Gravity Research’s new film “Tight Loose”.)

18th November

Speedriding is a relatively new sport.

It is two sports coming together mixing big mountain skiing and paragliding.

In Miles Above: Canadian Speedriding S2E7, Jon Devore and Mike Swanson team up with skier J T Holmes to explore British Columbia's Pemberton Mountain Range to ride this untapped, unpredictable playground in unpredictable conditions.

The range is situated slightly north of Whistler Blackcomb.

The mountains are stunning and huge and they offer "an endless supply of fun", says Mike Swanson.

It looks great fun, though not without risk.

We spotted a few avalanches in the footage below.

#Besafe #backcountry

17th November

Never let the lack of snow stop you having fun on your skis or snowboard!

If there's no snow leaves will do.

The latest snowboarding edit Mission: Shred from Nitro Snowboards, posted by Mikhail Potemkin on Vimeo, shows the Russian team snowboarding and skiing through the woods on leaves and dirt.

The crew weave in and out of trees on their skis and snowboards using logs and natural contours of the terrain for their tricks and turns...  its as though they're skiing in a fun park.

Quite honestly, who needs snow?

Just one cautionary note though, if you want to copy these guys "don't" use your favourite snowboards or skis. They may get wrecked.

 #NitroTeamRussia #rainbowfilms

16th November

Xavier De Le Rue and his wife Beanie point their RV to the north and head to the Lygnen Alps in search of deeper snow and more adventures.

Lyngen is part of the Arctic Circle and famous for its Northern Lights, ski touring in untouched fjords, sea safaris and encounters with wild sea eagles.

It also appears that the Lyngen Alps are popular with extreme skiers.

Xavier and Beanie share their next snowboarding freeeride adventure in The DIY Project: Episode 6 - Mision Lyngen...  not without drama.

Fabulous scenery from the top of the mountain down to sea level.

15th November

The next best thing to skiing in powder is watching a video of someone skiing in it.

Home features skiers Sam Cohen, Henry Gates, McKenna Peterson, Zach Halverson in some sh*t deep powder. 

Are we jealous? Well yes slightly.

But these guys have grown tired of skiing down the same old slopes and have gone for a bit of an adventure or hike, literally.

The crew climb the challenging Twin Peak (11,330ft) in ski boots, carrying their skis in their packs… and then Zach Halverson gets a dislocated shoulder mid ascent, on a vertical! 😱

Now we know just how blooming painful it is when your shoulder pops and how hard it is popping it back.

Somehow they manage and arm in sling Zach skis down safely.

The adventurers move on to Mt Olympus (9,062ft), another arduous climb to then ski down a beautiful couloir. And finally they tackle the Y-Knot (9,947ft) with more challenging skiing down the Y-couloir.

Its an effective counterpoint, climbing and skiing some awesome steeps in the winter then returning to the same spot in the summer months to reflect on winter.

14th November

Last season, Bode Merrill and cinematographer Jon Ray set out to collaborate on a movie, and ended up with a movie entitled Reckless Abandon.

Its a fabulous collaboration with some great off-piste aka back-country edits.

A mini avalanche during the filming at 4:26 (shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen) is a reminder that such extreme back country snowboarding is not for everyone and caution is urged.

A nice mixture of tricks in the trees and riding extreme terrain.

Stunning mountains, beautiful filming and epic riding.

11th November 2016

Last winter Peak Performance went out to British Columbia with Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport and came back with the film Perspective.

The 4 min edit goes on a visual journey into the heart of the powder skiing area around Nelson.

To get the shots for this video the crew hauled a lot of gear out in the back country such as heavy lifting drones, gyro stabilizing gimbals and more in order to get the creative angles of the action.

The result is truly awesome and really makes you want to get out there and ski.

This was Matilda Rapaport´s last production before the tragic accident that cost her life during the summer of 2016.

Matilda was a beloved part of the crew that worked together on several projects and is honored with a tribute ending. #inspirelikematilda

Anders Gustavsson, Athlete Manager Peak Performance said  “It´s very emotional seeing Matilda in this edit. She was a great skier and even greater person. We really want to show what a fantastic skier she was with this edit and she will always be a big part of our crew.”

10th November 2016

Mt Erebus is an active volcano.

Watch as the Continent 7: Antarctica team dodges crevasses to conduct research.

Their goal is to map the inside of the volcano and share their findings with scientists all over the world.

About Continent 7: Antarctica:  At -100 degrees F, you'll survive for less than 3 minutes and burn 5,000 calories a day, and boiling water can turn to snow instantly.

At less than 1% humidity, your body will lose water just breathing.

This is Station Zero: Antarctica, where close-knit communities of scientists, engineers, and hardened field vets have forged an existence unlike anything on our planet.


9th November  2016

The famous Swiss snowboarder Géraldine Fasnacht, also known as the Bird Woman, takes to the skies again.

This time she's flying in the film 4634 - Perception - The Mountain Within.

The new dream of the bird woman in this 26-minute film Géraldine offers his views of the mountain and its philosophy.

A message inspiring and passionate.


4th November 2016

Prepare to be wowed, horrified, and shocked by the following video.

The Freeride World Tour has compiled an edit of what they called the Top 5 Crashes from various Freeride events over the years that it has been running.

It features Jeremie Heiz (SUI) in Hains, Alaska; Torgrim Vole (NOR) in Sochi; Sam Anthamatten (SUI) in Verbier; Sebastian Hannemann (GER) in Chamonix and J T Holmes (USA) in Verbier.

What struck us most, even after they crashed so dramatically or cartwheeled down craggy mountains all these athletes had enough energy to sit up, wave and let the judges know they were still alive.

Absolute professionals.

In contrast watch the Top 5 Recoveries that the Freeride World Tour has also compiled.

The video below shows some stunning antics and unbelievable recoveries.

Hold your breath and watch these five althletes on the brink of disaster - Sam Smoothy (NZL) in Arcalis, Andorra; George Rodney (USA) in Haines Alaska; Xavier de le Rue (FRA) Squaw Valley, USA; Julien Lopez (FRA) in Arcalis, Andorra and Jaclyn Paaso (USA) in Squaw Valley, USA.

How on earth do they do it?


3rd November 2016

"48 Hours in Sierra Nevada" features Billy Morgan (professional snowboarder) and Mirjam Jaeger (skier) spending a short time in Andalucia in the ski area of the Sierra Nevada.

Whilst in the vicinity they also visited the beautiful, historic city of Granada which sits at the foothills of the mountains.

They were skiing in the Spring of 2016.

Wherever you ski in these mountains the views across the country are spectacular.

On a fine day you can see the  Mediterranean Sea, and sometimes even as far as Morocco and the Atlas mountains.

PlanetSKI was also visiting Sierra Nevada earlier this year.  See here for our take on it.

Meanwhile the video below is a fabulous representation of a unique ski experience.

We love everything about it.

2nd November 2016

We are looking forward to this web series.

Orage Faces + Places was filmed last season in 2015/16.

Its a mini series of films setting out to explore the faces and places that define the athletes. 

Across the episodes the athletes are visited in their homes and they share their amazing environments or back gardens with us.

We discover (or rediscover) Rory Bushfield in Squamish, Callum Pettit in Pemberton, Banks Gilberti in Sun Valley, Andrew Whiteford in Jackson Hole and Elyse Saugstad in Alyeska.

The snow conditions in the teaser video below look awesome.

1st November 2016

China - A Skiers Story

With the winter Olympics due to take place in China in 2022, the video gives an interesting take on skiing in this vast country.

In 1990 there were no ski hills in China. By 2016 there are 568 and those are mostly dependent on artificial snow.

Skiing as sport is in it’s infancy in China, and it is currently a phenomenon of the country’s exploding middle class.

As a means of survival, however, it is thousands of years old, a stone age hunter-gatherer technology born in the Altai mountains where China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Siberia merge.

On a vast trajectory that spans 11,000km of Northern China.

Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots touch down into the rich past and the future of these two respective Chinese ski cultures.

As one rapidly expands, they find the other is at risk of disappearing.

The fist ski scenes are in the Changbai Mountains where China borders with North Korea. 

It's a somewhat worrying situation to understand that if something went wrong in the backcountry the Chinese army would be their rescuers, flying their helicopters along the North Korean border, no doubt causing some diplomatic crisis.

Updated 14 November 2016:

The final episode of Crossing Home: A Skier's Journey is featured in this story on PlanetSKI, where the team returns to British Columbia.

Seeking Nirvana part 4: Towers Above The Sea

There was a time, back in the day, when the ski season had a beginning and an end.

When we would pause after a long winter and look to other challenges to occupy our time.

This was before the thought and possibility of an endless winter had really entered our mind and heading to the southern hemisphere would be unattainable for most.

Follow four skiers as they embark on a journey of a lifetime from the highest Chilean mountain regions to the endless coastal waves... From the Towers to the Sea.

The four skiers Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts and Riley Leboe skiing in some exotic locations in Chile includingValle Nevado, Los Andes and Valparaiso.


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