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Friday November 4, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

A Skier’s Journey is a series that explores the edges of skiing, where it exists and why. The final series is a quest for snow and the search for home.

The last episode of the short film series 'A Skier's Journey' captures the ambitious expeditions of a dedicated team of three through spectacular landscapes.

Sponsored by Arcteryx, the final episode 'Crossing Home' was premiered on 4th November in London.

"The ocean and mountains are one complete space... There is no difference: They're one," explains the guy behind the camera, Jordan Manley.

And it is this that the film explores, over 20 days, through epic landscapes and challenging elements - it is quite some physical feat.

The last series moves through Iran and China, on to the significant return home to British Columbia for the trio.

And instead of just making tracks, the expedition is more about the culture and people in each of the locations travelled.

The "cultural existence of travelling".

It is really a tribute to cinematography, and an intense experience too for the viewer.

A Skier's Journey team(L-R) Chad Sayers, Forrest Coots, Jordan Manley















Team of three:

Skiers, explorers - Forrest Coots, Chad Sayers  

Adventurer, filmmaker - Jordan Manley

Below the group introduces the last installment of the journey, 'Crossing Home',

Skiers, adventurers, filmmakersSkiers, adventurers, filmmakers















Arc'teryx host (above) - Stian Hagen

PlanetSKI's, Katie Bamber, was invited to the London screening and got a chance to find out more about the three guys and the making of the series.

"The first thing that strikes is of course the group's curiosity and their dedication. As you watch and come to realise the magnitude of the journey, and are affected by the cinematics, you come to realise that Jordan must be a lot of the time solo, often kilometres away from Chad and Forrest, capturing the range and trek," said Katie.

"A lot of it is establishing a sense of scale," the cameraman said on the topic.

"Setting up drones, filming and picturing - I had to track out and travel a lot."

When asked if there was to be any more to come, despite this feature being the last in the series, there was a split response.

"Not for me, here and now. I got concussed, not during this episode, but earlier on, and it changed the collective. It's the last for me..." Jordan replied.

But for Forrest and Chad - introduced as being always in search of something new, inspired by what's down here, what's beyond the next hillside - it seems there'll be more, on this journey to find out about where and how skiing exists around the world.

Watch the trailer, see what I mean.

Explaining a film about magnitude and incredible scenery is near impossible...

The final episode Crossing Home will be available to the public on November 10th 2016.

Updated Monday 14th November 2016:

Watch the full episode below, where the skiers return home to British Columbia, showing the state at its best.

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