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RENT OR BUY? - James Cove, PlanetSKI Editor
Monday November 28, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

For many it is a no-brainer when it comes to skis. Rent. And you even get the chance to become a ski tester as you have the option to change them as many times as you like with Intersport. PlanetSKI reports.

Long gone are the days when ski hire shops had a limited selection of last year's models.

You could rarely get what you wanted and woe betide if you didn't like the ones you were first given by a sulky assistance who would rather be on the slopes himself then helping people get a ski to suit their ability and aspirations.

For many skis it was the last stop before heading off to a ski area retirement home in Eastern Europe to see out their final days.

Now things have never been better.

There has never been such a choice and variety of ski - and at such a good price.

Ski testing with IntersportSpoilt for choice
















So do you buy or rent your weapon of choice?





















I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Val Thorens in France for its official opening - see here for my report from Sunday evening.

As well as welcoming the winter I decided to turn it into the opportunity to test out this season's new skis on offer from Intersport.

Intersport offers the people to change their skis as many times as they want - whether to adapt to change conditions, different types of skiing or just because you don't happen to like the ones you first take out.

And then there is the small matter of the cost of taking skis to the slopes.

The words "utter rip off" springs to mind.

It ain't rocket scienceIt ain't rocket science












"You can swap and change your skis as you see fit - normally as conditions change, or if you just fancy a different kind of skiing for the day/afternoon. There's no limit on how many times you can change, and it's free to change as long as the skis are in the same packages as you booked," said Chris Moran from Intersport.

"There's an upgrade fee if you move up a grade. Our grades follow the piste colours, so green for cheapest, then blue, then red, then black and after we have the gold packages. We also have platinum packages this year where you can have your skis serviced/waxed as many times as you like as well as changing them as often as you want," Chris added.

But really I just wanted to take up Intersport's offer because I like trying out different skis.

I am quite simply a big kid in a toy shop.

I'm in heaven!I'm in heaven!


















I decided to try the latest range of carving skis - the Rossignol Experience 84 was first on my list.

Ski testing with IntersportSki testing with Intersport
















And my favourite carving ski of all time  - the Atomic Redster.

I own a pair but I was keen to see if this year's offering was significantly different.

And then there is the new range of so-called all mountain skis. 

Now I am not a big fan of a one size fits all model - if I am skiing on fast, hard icy pistes I want a genuine carving ski. 

And if there is half a metre of fresh powder I want an off piste ski designed to deal with the deep stuff.

This is where renting wins - you simply pop into the shop and change.

The manufacturers claim one ski can do all and this year's offerings are better than ever - I opted for the Rossingol Sky 7 and the Salomon QST. 

Ski testing with IntersportSki testing with Intersport
















One I was very impressed with and the other not so - and it was the opposite of my expectations.

So, which one did I fall in love with?

More of that later.

First the carvers - Atomic Redsters win hands down....

The Atomic RedstersThe Atomic Redsters




















Next up were the all mountain skis.

My choice was the Rossignol Sky7 - possibly the best and most surprising ski I have had the pleasure to click into.

It was a revelation - perhaps a but flappy at high speed carving (and I mean high speed), but otherwise it was rock solid.

Ski testing with IntersportSki testing with Intersport
















Now I don't expect everyone to be quite as much as an anorak about skis as me - most just want to find a ski they enjoy and go skiing.

But the great thing with the offer from Intersport is that if you don't find the one you get on with you can change.

But more than that I really suggest you try a few others - simply for the pleasure of changing skis and trying something new.

In the powder and on the piste:

Ski testing with IntersportSki testing with Intersport


















Ski testing with IntersportSki testing with Intersport















So what about the prices?

People who book online (at ) get between 20-50% discount between the walk-in price and the online price.

There are also additional discount codes that Intersport drops pretty much every two weeks via its Facebook page: - these get additional discount and/or offers on top of the already discounted price. 

The highlights from Intersport:

- airline ski bags carriage is an average of €100 return/renting with us is average of €62 pp per week = no brainer! 

- swap and change your skis - have your own ski test 

- always freshly serviced

- always safely adjusted by qualified technicians 

- always 2017/up to date skis 

- for every ski there's a full women's-dedicated version, not a generic pink ski in the corner 

- pain in the arse to carry your own heavy ski bag across europe. Especially if they're old, rusty skis. 


Every shop has the stock of skis, and have everything from powder skis (Black Crows Camox) through to all rounders such as the Salomon QST, carving/race skis like the Atomic Redster Ti, freestyle skis.

With airline baggage fees at around €100 return for 1 pair of skis the average weekly rental at €62

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

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