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Peak2Peak opens, where’s the snow? - Alex Griffiths, Whistler.
Thursday December 11, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

Whistler’s record-breaking lift opens today but sadly conditions are far from ideal. We have a report from the resort.

Here in Whistler we keep looking up to the skies.  We’re not checking up on the progress of the new lift, though it is truly spectacular, rather we’re hoping to see some snow clouds coming our way. 

We need snow!

There’s a base of 49cm – this time last year it was over 200cms.

Whistler “opened” one day early this year but this is probably over-stating the case as there are only a handful of slushy runs open and much of the snow melted when a warm weather system came in.

Many of the ski instructors joked that it was comforting to see the snow exactly how they had left it in April.  The notice board at the bottom with the day’s snow report on it tends to say a variation of the following:

Snow base: 49cm
New Snow: We need some
Best Run: The ones that are open!

whistlergondola2However, the Peak2Peak lift is really exciting for Whistler and we all remain optimistic our turn for snow will come.

The lift cost over $50m and has the longest unsupported span at over 3km and the greatest height at 435m of any lift in the world.

I’m not really too bothered about all the statistics, I just know that it will really improve the sking and snowboarding here and I'm really looking forward to going on it later today and telling you all about it.

I just hope we get some snow sometime soon.

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