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The snowsports reality TV show is back for its 4th series and it all started last night on Channel 4. One celebrity was out before it even started and PlanetSKI has been watching. UPDATED

The  model and TV presenter Vogue Williams, was forced to drop out due to a knee injury suffered in training for the ski cross.

The reality show is known for its injury count and has been dubbed 'The most dangerous show on TV'.

Last year seven celebs had to withdraw due to injuries, ranging from broken ankles to dislocated elbows and even a broken back.

But Channel 4 say that the show has undergone a thorough review of safety standards following the last series.

No-one was seriously injured on its first night.

Though some confidence was knocked.

PlanetSKI reader, Pete Gillespie, was in the crowd in Kuhtai in Austria as it was broadcast and has sent us these images from the TV set.

The Jump The Jump
















The BarThe Bar



















From the barFrom the bar















Vogue Williams was replaced by Amy Willerton who has also been training in Kuhtai, Austria.

"Really disappointed to be out of The Jump. I've had the time of my life and if the show is back next year I'll be in it to win it! @Channel4" said Vogue on Twitter.

Vogue Williams, the first casualtyVogue Williams, the first casualty














Willerton has been training alongside the main celebrities in Austria.

"This experience has gone from being an exciting over extended ski holiday to suddenly overnight throwing myself into competition mode - but I'm so so ready for that challenge! I hope I can do Vogue proud," said Amy Willerton.

The Jump draws in an audience of around 2m and this year it has attracted athletes of the calibre of Olympic gold medalist and Tour de France winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins.

The man himself said he was asked to do Strictly Come Dancing but chose The Jump instead.

"Strictly and all that asked but this is the only one I would do," he said.

"I definitely don't fancy putting on any Strictly Lycra and sparkles. People go skiing and hurt themselves all the time," he added.

We re-produce the full interview with Sir Bradley at the end of this article.

Bearded Bradley leads the cast listBearded Bradley leads the cast list













Each week the celebs are going head to head in a new winter sport discipline.

At the end of the show, two celebs with the slowest times or lowest scores will have to face The Jump live where one celeb will be kicked off the programme.

There are two Jumps for the celebs to take on: The Air Jump, there they need to get as high as possible or The Ski Jump, where they need to get as far as possible.

Come the final, the remaining celebs will go head to head on the jump with the aim of scoring the biggest overall score.

We reported on the line up as it was announced earlier this month

Here is our story from the time and here is the lineup again:

The Jump 2017 line-up in full:

  • Caprice Bourret - model and entrepreneur
  • Lydia Bright - The Only Way Is Essex star
  • Kadeena Cox - Paralympic cycling and athletics medallist
  • Mark Dolan - comedian
  • Robbie Fowler - former Liverpool and England footballer
  • Josie Gibson - Big Brother 2010 winner
  • Jade Jones - Olympic taekwondo champion
  • Spencer Matthews - former Made In Chelsea star
  • Emma Parker-Bowles - TV presenter
  • Jason Robinson - former England rugby captain
  • Louis Smith - Olympic gymnast
  • Gareth Thomas - ex-Welsh rugby international player
  • Bradley Wiggins - retired Olympic cyclist

Warren Smith and the Warren Smith Academy have been the official snowsports trainers for the series.

In recent weeks they have been in the Austrian ski resort of Kuhtai training in Alpine disciplines including Giant Slalom, Slalom and Ski Cross.

There has been some light hearted banter among the celebrities but overall training has been positive with some good technical improvements. See Warren's Training Blogs here.

2017 hopefulls2017 hopefulls














PlanetSKI's resident TV critic, James Rampton, has been glued to his set and will be reviewing proceedings for us once again - see here for what he made of last year's show.

Your correspondent dresses appropriately for his Ski Sunday Review.Rampton remains poised for action




















Oh, and here is what he made of this year's BBC Ski Sunday too.

It all starts on Channel 4 at 7.30PM this Sunday.

We'll be watching - will you?

And, as promised, here is the full interview with Sir Bradley:

Sir Bradley Wiggins


Britain's most decorated Olympian and Tour De France winner

You've only just retired from cycling, so what was it about this show that made you take it on as your first challenge?

I don't know to be honest! Good question! To be honest I just want to improve my skiing, it's something I've always enjoyed so I just want to be better at it. My family are excited about me doing it. They enjoy watching it and think it's one of the better shows on the telly.

You must have been offered lots of reality shows in the past...

Yeah, Strictly and all that but this is the only one I would do, to be honest. I definitely don't fancy putting on any Strictly lycra and sparkles.

Is the competitive element of this show important to you having just given up a top flight sporting career?

I haven't really let the training side of things go. I train most mornings and evenings, it's keeping that routine that's important to me. I don't want to get fat and unfit, I'm really paranoid and conscious of that. I have to do it for my mental health, I have to keep myself busy and in a routine, it's easier for me to live like that. I just don't trust myself one bit. I've been institutionalised in sport since I was 12, so it's a big change coming out of it at 36. I have to keep my head down and keep a bit of that institutional mentality. I don't want to let it go and then find myself two or three years down the line in a bit of a state. I've got an obsessive nature, whatever I do, I do to excess, so I think I'd rather keep good and clean.

Were you not worried about the injuries previous contestants have suffered?

No, not at all. People go skiing and hurt themselves all the time, it's the nature of the sport. It's a good show and I've always enjoyed watching it, so I'm pleased to be here.

Were you pleased to see so many other sports men and women in the line-up?

That was a deciding factor for me to come on the show in the first place. When I saw who else was coming on it, I could see there are some high class sports people who have achieved so much, so that was definitely a factor.

Do you think that will make the competition more competitive than ever?

I think so, but don't discount the other people taking part in the show. They are all competitive in their own right, Spencer Matthews is really competitive and has a good chance of winning it, he's a good skier. It's not just the sports people you have to look out for. I don't think I am the favourite to win it by any means. I think the top three are probably Gareth, Louis and Spencer. They have all really improved.

There's been criticism of the sports stars doing the show who are still competing, would you have done the show if you hadn't retired?

At the end of the day it's up to the individual to assess whether the risks of doing something are worth it or not for their careers. I wouldn't have done it before now but only because of the time frame, it would never have worked with my training schedule.

How have you found training?

I've really enjoyed it actually. I like having a regimented routine. It's what I am used to so I enjoy it. It hasn't been harder than I thought it would be, more frustrating than anything. You know what you want to do but it doesn't always happen, so that's the biggest thing for me, the frustration.

What's it like training for the actual jump?

It's been brilliant. I think everyone's enjoyed that part of it. At the end of the day that's what the show is going to come down to, so I think everyone's loving that part of it. It's not as scary as I thought it was going to be. You just have to focus and concentrate a bit more.

Everyone always makes fun of the outfits but you must be used to it...

It's not too bad for me because everyone's used to seeing me in my cycling kit. So it's not such a shock to the system like it is for the others.

Will you get stuck in when the competition kicks off?

I'm just going to take it as it comes, I'm not thinking about it too much, what will be, will be. I'll take it day by day. I'm not sure if my competitiveness will come out, maybe when I get going but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. My goal is to just improve my skiing, I'm not fussed about winning.

Are you enjoying the social side of the show after training?

I'm still training so I go to the gym as soon as I get back to the hotel.

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