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Saturday February 18, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

Ski manufacturer Rossignol and electronics company PIQ introduce the first smart-ski displaying real-time analytics. NEW

Ski maker Rossignol and electronics company PIQ have been busy making smart sensors and wearable devices for skiing.

Wearable trackers have been available for a variety of sports so it's not surprising some relating to skiing are now available.

First came the ski boot sensor (more on those later), and now the first prototype smart-ski has been developed.  

It's called the Hero Master.

Introducing the Rossignol Hero Master (prototype)Introducing the Rossignol Hero Master (prototype)













The prototype smart-ski, also described as a connected-ski, was unveiled at the Munich sports trade show ISPO earlier this month.

It incorporates a minute computer, the PIQ nano-computer, and a bold LED display on the tip of the ski.

Tiny computer sensors collect data on small variations in skiing movement such as the angle of the ski, speed, G-Forces along with other information.

Instant analysis and feedback is displayed in real time on the LED screen on the ski itself.  

Unlike other tracking devices no other apps or devices are needed to retrieve the information.

It all sounds a little geeky and techy, and the idea seems great but let's not get too excited, it's only a prototype and there are no immediate plans to get Hero Master into production.

Instead, though, you CAN get excited about the Rossignol PIQ Robot that you attach to your ski boot.

It's a strap-on wearable gadget that fits easily to the outside of the ski boot.

It has the accolade of being awarded the ISPO "Best Wearable 2017".

It uses similar technology to the prototype-ski, Hero Master, and collects the same type of performance data, including elevation, speed, number of runs, angulation etc.

However, on this device, the data must be retrieved an analysed on a smartphone using the free PIQ smartphone app.

You can buy the Pique Robot online for $198.

PIQ Robot -PIQ Robot -











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