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Wednesday March 1, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

There are some insane snowsports videos on the internet and we want to share some of the best on this rolling Vlog. NEW

As it's a rolling Vlog the most recent post is at the top.

Sit back and enjoy! Surprised

See here for the collection of videos posted in September, October, November, December 2016 and January and  February 2017

Monday 28th March

In Oasis Vol. 2  the endless storms of December ease.

As the sun reappears for a moment, two visitors return to enjoy the snow at Mt Baker provides.

Featuring riding from John Murphy & Ralph Kucharek, plus Pat McCarthy, & Hana Beaman.

This video is a section of a 4-part series of short films.

Friday 24th March


PlanetSKI and Cody LaPlante have something in common 😎

While we may not be as young as the talented young Cody who skis in an abandoned mining town below, we like to ski in abandoned areas too.

PlanetSKI took a trip to Fortress Mountain, the abandoned ski resort in Canada... it was eerie, wierd and slightly ghostly and was the setting for "Inception" starring Leonardo DiCaprio - Check out  Fortress Mountain Here.

In the video below Cody LaPlante travels 13 miles on a snowmobile into the old Californian Mining Town.

With the permission of the States Parks Team LaPlante and the crew build a dream ski-park within the eerie buildings.

Watch the 15 year old skier as he shreds the Bodie State Historic Park ghost town during a record-breaking snow season!

Wednesday 22nd March

Hilarious! We know a few militant dads too .. Forcing My Kids to Ski, by Lif' Ticket!

Sometimes, when the kids don't feel like skiing, a father has to get tough! Especially when you've spent a fortune on a lift pass.

Many of us have been here.

Tuesday 21st March

And this is what the Alaskan mountain face selected for the Haines event of the Freeride World Tour #FWT looks like.

The Alaskan spines are notoriously steep.

The event is confirmed for the 21st March at 9:45am Alaskan time, which is 6:45pm in Geneva, 5.45GMT.

With the Freeride World Tour in Haines, Alaska about to start here's Ed Leigh with some background info on the impressive mountains and the town of Haines.

Its not quite as one would imagine.

Monday 20th March

This is the final leg of the journey to Haines, Alaska for the Freeride World Tour.

Haines is the penultimate stop before the Grand Final that takes place in Verbier from 1st to 9th April.

Ed Leigh takes the boat and meets some of the althletes.

Thursday 16th March

Xavier De Le Rue and his wife Beanie head east to Japan in Japanuary - Episode 8 of the DIY Series.

Nosawa is a small village, thought to be founded as far back as 724, with winding streets running with natural hot spring water, Noaswa is a Yuyama village or hot spring mountain town known to have one of the heaviest snowfalls in the Nagano region. 

And Nosawa didn’t disappoint.
Arriving to tales of the worst snowfall in 20 years, dry roads and a very brown landscape it appeared that the DIY team, Xavier De Le Rue and his wife Beanie, might not to be lucky. But it is amazing how one night can change everything.  

From arrival to departure over 3 metres of light, fluffy powder fell in Nosawa.


There are some great snowboarding shots in this short clip.

In Episode 2: Turn & Burn 2017 these guys visit a lot of ski areas, including Whistler, Pemberton and Baker.

After a brief warm up in Whistler, they hit the road to the interior of BC, where the temperatures stayed colder.

Then there's a day spent at  Whitewater Resort and finally linking up with local legend Adraon Buck they visit his top secret zones somewhere outside Nelson, B.C.

The riders include Beau Bishop, Andrew Burns, Wiley Tesseo, and Trevan Salmon, Adraon Buck, Dustin Craven, Scot Brown, Rhett Haubrich, Chris Rasman and Leif Jones.

Wedneday 15th March

The Bomb Squad goes to Canada in search for an epic line..... Speedflying!


Big Sky Resort in Montana looks like a great place to visit for some skiing.

Monday 13th March

The Flying Frenchies clown around with madcap antics, but they are thrilling to watch.

These guys have made a life style choice and spend their time performing high octane danger stunts which highlining, base jumping and climbing.

In this video the multi-talented group heads off to the Vercors mountain range in France, where they slice through the air on a 600m-high highline, reaching speeds of up to 75kph zipline-style before using their BASE-jumping skills to dismount with impressive grace and style.

Its compulsive viewing.

Friday 10th March

For this new CHAM' LINES Episode, Aurelien Ducroz has invited legendary alpine skier Luc ALPHAND to discover his home playground.

Guided by Brice Bouillanne, Aurelien and Luc ski a fantastic couloir below Aiguille du Moine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thursday 9th March

In Spring 2016 some guys head off to the Arctic Circle, and their adventures are caught in the film Pretty Far North.

They head up to no-mans-land above the arctic circle to explore, sail, fish & chase some spring slush.

The team take some cameras, drones, skis and split boards to what turned out to be the most amazing experience of their lives so far.

Stunning scenery and footage.

Wednesday 8th March

Now this has got to be the coolest way to check out the powder, anywhere!

Professional snowboarder, Austin Smith, lived in his fire truck at Mt Bachelor from New Year's Eve through to the start of February.

He said, "When I was fifteen I snowboarded here every day... I wanted to do that again this year," and that is exactly what he did.

January brought 2.74m of new snow followed up by 3.02m in February.

We're not sure he could have timed it any better because it has been an epic season to say the least!

This must be the best ski-in-ski-out scenario we've come across.

Possibly the coolest home .. in many senses of the wordPossibly the coolest home .. in many senses of the word!











Monday 6th March

Sometimes making a video with challenging tricks can be VERY painful!

Here's a behind the scenes video of LJ Strenio's X Games Real Ski video.

OMG! Same features, same tricks, EVERY attempt!

Eventually he did it.


Those hours of practice in the film above became part of the final film below.


Friday 3rd March

No skiing or snowboarding in this one.

Its an Alpine Adventure filming some stunning snowy arial shots using a drone.

In January Joshua Cowan took a road trip through Europe, or in this case a rail trip, visiting mountains, frozen lakes and steam trains.

Thursday 2nd March

House of Dan:

It would be awesome to have this run in your back yard!


Wednesday 1st March

North Face welcomes new athlete - Austin Smith

Introducing Austin Smith, master of the backcountry, proud owner of a converted firetruck tiny home, and the newest member of The North Face 2017 athlete team.

Oh, and by way of introduction, he's only snowboarding down some gargantuan spines in Alaska.


And...  some Extreme Wingsuit Racing with Guillaume Galvani.

Our guy in yellow is clearly being lapped by what looks like a headless arrow-shaped blue sheet racing through the air.


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