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Saturday April 1, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

There are some insane snowsports videos on the internet and we want to share some of the best on this rolling Vlog. NEW

As it's a rolling Vlog the most recent post is at the top.

Sit back and enjoy! Surprised

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Friday 28th April

One Run in La Balme:

These guys are ripping it in La Clusaz.

"La Balme is unreal these days and we tried our best to find a line to show you all how much fun is this part of La Clusaz."

Thursday 27th April

A Line in the Snow - Greece:  It's a film about skiing in Greece. 

With a desperate lack of snow in the Alps this season, the team were looking as far away as Morocco and Nepal for snowy inspiration.

They had been told that there was good snow in Greece, but they didn't believe it.

However, with just five days planning they headed to Greece to explore the beautiful mountains of the north and meet the people that live and work there.


Wednesday 26th April

A Line in the Snow - Greenland:

Featuring glorious footage of this rarely visited region, this documentary will give viewers a glimpse into the stunning, endless mountain ranges of East Greenland.


Tuesday 25th April

Skiing the Vallencant Couloir, Bec Rouge, Chamonix France:

Searching for quiet lines with Vivian Bruchez and Tristan Knoetzer (24th Jan 2017).

The 3D terrain animation is by FATMAP.

Monday 24th April

Hokkaido Calling:

“Is it possible to stand where no one has before?"

In search for the less obvious, Sam Smoothy Jeremie Heitz and Dane Tudor set out to explore Hokkaido, an island with over 15 metres of annual snowfall.

Moreover in looking for something different, they found something else.


Tuesday 18th April

Ski Mode:

One day in the Colorado backcountry with Victor Major and Baker Boyd. Filmed by Ben Moscona.

Monday 17th April

Col des Courtes Pointe Eales Argentiere Chamonix Mont-Blanc ski pente raide alpinism:

A bit of an adventure in the video below.

Some climbing up the mountain with skis in Chamonix on some rather steep terrain 45/50 and then skiing down - steep and fabulous!


Dustin Craven's full part from STRONGER, The Union Team Movie, below.



Saturday 15th April

Xavier de Le Rue sets out for Norway's Lyngen Alps, the "Godmother" couloir as his prize.

Watch Xavier de Le Rue's DIY Tour: Sea kayak Approach to the "Godmother" Couloir 1 Episode 6

After an ice-cold surfing experience and riding some even colder couloirs in Lofoten, Xavier de Le Rue and his wife Beanie point their RV to the north, making their way to the Lyngen Alps, continuing their search for prime snow to fill their adventurous spirits.

Lyngen is part of the Arctic Circle and is most famous for its Northern Lights, ski touring in untouched fjords, sea safaris and encounters with wild sea eagles.

Friday 14th April

Snowboarding Japan Pillow Lines - Gigi Ruff & Friends - Stronger Sessions Episode 2:

Thursday 13th April

Johnny O'Connor's full part from STRONGER, The Union Team Movie.

Thursday 6th April

Sometimes some of the scraps of film left on the cutting room floor are pretty good too.

Here are some of Candide Thovex scraps.

The short clip was up on Facebook for less than an hour and it already had over 330,000 views.

Candide Thovex B clips going viralCandide Thovex - B clips going viral













Tuesday 4th April

Images Aeriennes - Lekkarod 2017

Dog sledding in the Alps.

Some lovey aerial drone footage of the 2017 Lekkarod dog sled race in the French Alps.

Monday 3rd April

Daowaga translates as "the shores of the lake" and is what Tahoe is referred to by the indigenous Washoe people.

Daowaga Daze was filmed in seven days over President's Week.

As a result of long lift lines and resort closures the boys resorted to split boards, snowshoes and snowmobiles to get up the mountain.

It has been an incredible winter in Tahoe, and this is just a slice of it.

Saturday 1st April

Skiing in a straitjacket !

We can't get our head around this one!

It is April Fools Day for sure as we write this, but it seems that this guy's quest is genuine.

Meet Jay DeBaggis, he's a man that likes to do things a little differently.

He is trying to ski 60mph without using his arms or ski poles. 

He is intending to set the speed world record for skiing in a straitjacket on April 3 at Arapahoe Basin.


It seems he's been skiing without ski poles for around 10 years, and knows what he's doing.

We wish him luck on April 3rd.



Xavier de Le Rue and Sam Anthamattan set off for a big adventure to the Changbaishan Volcano in China.

They shake off their guides and guards and and ski off into the lake sitting in the crater.

Read the full story here: Or just watch the video below:


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