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Wednesday April 12, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

As the ski season draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere it's... Pond Skimming time.

It's often the final event of the season in US and Canadian ski resorts and for most Pond Skimming is simply a fun event for all.

But for some it has become a serious contest and entrants return every year to defend their important Slush Cup title.

Crazy costumes are obligatory.

Entrants are required to ski or snowboard down a slope towards a stretch of icy water with the intention of skimming across without falling in or getting wet.

It's harder than it looks, and more often than not, and much to the spectators' delight, they get drenched.

We've pulled together some videos of the Pond Skimming and Slush Cup contests as they occur, and will be updating the page with some of the best.

Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta is one of the last ski areas to close and its Slush Cup contest is probably one of the most competitive events and that takes place this year on 22nd May.

We'll be posting that video soon after the event.


Pond Skimming at Mammoth Mountain - April 27th:

Pond Skim at Big Sky Resort - April 27th:


Haha this one will make you smile.

Slush Cup - Big White Ski Resort - 16th April:

Pond Skimming Vail 17th April:

Pond Skimming Park City 15th April:


Pond Skimming for Cash:

In some cases there's money at stake in Pond Skimming.

We recently reported on the rather wild event that took place in Russia, of a skier dressed as an angel who sets fire to his costume to become the Burning Angel... a rather extreme effort to get the judges' attention!

We reported on Anton Redkiy in our rolling Skiing Secrets Blog.

Here is Anton burning down the ski slope towards the pond. Luck was on his side and he did fall into the water, quenching the fire.

He also won the 20,000 roubles prize money, but got second degree burns for his effort.



Slush Cup at Sun Peaks, British Columbia, 11th April:

Red Mountain resort Slush Cup 25th March:

Slush Cup at Alyeska Resort on Saturday afternoon, April 8:

Keystone, Colorado, April 10th:


Sun Valley's Pond Skimming 2017 at Dollar Mountain - April 2nd:


Sugarbush Pond Skimming 2017, 9th April:


2017 Pond Skimming Championships - Taos Ski Valley:

End of season party time in Aspen with some Pond Skimming too:

Breckenridge - 23rd April

The Breck Plunge is due to take place on April 23rd.

Here's a flyer from last year - if you think you can make it, they invite you to join in.


..... and there are so many more to come....!

We will be updating this page with the BEST of the season's events as they take place.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

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