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Der Weisser Rausch aka 'White Thrill’ Race took place on Saturday and it marks the end of the season for St Anton. A new White Thrills record of 7m 9s was set.

The 'White Thrill’ Race has taken place, and it seems that winter is officially over...  in St Anton anyway!

Austria's Wacky Races took place on Saturday 22nd April in St Anton am Arlberg in the Tirol.

When the lifts closed at 5pm the "White Thrill” started.

There is a massive collective downhill start on the Valluga Ridge that funnels down the mountain, though it's vital to choose the right spot at the top as that can provide a race advantage.

Over 500 skiers, telemarkers and snowboarders take part in the 9km race, in fact anyone can take part as long as they’re fit.

The real challenge is on “Pain Mountain”. 

The speed freaks hurrying up this 150m ascent too fast will pay for it with burning lungs. 

Those who take it too easy will fall behind the leaders.

Uphill struggle on Pain MountainUphill struggle on Pain Mountain - ahead of the pack














Uphill struggle on Pain MountainUphill struggle on Pain Mountain - the pack















It's simple, the first person to cross the finish line is the winner!

The slopes are unprepared and the 9km descent demands high levels of skiing skill and fitness. 

In 2011 Paul Schwarzacher set the record of 8 minutes and 14 seconds.

This was beaten on Saturday by Austria's Mathias Gorbach wearing bib number 226 with a new record time of 7 minutes 9 seconds.

Times between 11 minutes and 18 minutes are a good average, but for most it plays a minor role. 

The main thing is just to get over the finishing line, which is yet another hurdle.

At the final stretch the exhausted participants have to remove their skis or snowboards to climb over two enormous mounds of snow and then run to the finish line carrying their skis.

Mathias Gorbach and Dominik Schranz battled out the race to the bitter end, with Gorbach crossing the line ahead of Schranz who fell just before reaching the finish line.

It was a close race.

Mathias Gorbach and Dominik Schranz climb mounds of snowMathias Gorbach and Dominik Schranz climb mounds of snow to finish















Mathias Gorbach beats Dominik Schranz Mathias Gorbach beats Dominik Schranz.. running with skis to finish line














Watch the highlights of the race below:

There is also a “Mini version” of the White Thrill on the same day at 16.30hrs starting just above the Sennhütte for youngsters aged between 11 and 16 years.

Watch the full race here (After a long preamble race starts approx 1.01 into the video) >>

The 1931 video below is a humorous take on the race, that was filmed in St Anton:


White Thrill 2017 Results.

Results Men:

1.     Mathias Gorbach (Aut)  00:07:09

2.     Dominik Schranz (Aut) 00:07:11

3.     Lars Meerstetter (Sui) 00:07:27

Results Women:

1.     Petra Zelger (Ger) 00:10:59

2.     Lisa Egger (Aut) 00:11:30

3.     Viktoria Pfeifer-Jennewein (Aut) 00:11:32

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