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Sandboarding is an evolving sport that is about to host its World Cup event in Peru.

If you get a little bored of snowboarding how about sandboarding instead? 

Its a sport that is trending, only snag, you need sand - though unlike snow, sand is guaranteed.

It even has its own World Cup Event.

Sandboarding is an evolving sport that is about to host its World Cup event in Peru from 5th to 10th June.

The location will be the Acarí Valley which has the longest sand dune descent in the world, 1800m, and Oasis Huacachina, the most important sand park in the world for Sandboarding events on dunes.

Similar to snow sports competitions, there will be Parallel Giant Slalom (PSG), Slopestyle (SLP), Boardercross (SBX) and the Big Jump (BJ).

It kicks off with slalom and boarder cross starting on 6th June at 8am.

To avoid the heat of the day all the morning events are to take place between 8am and 11am, and then it starts again from 3pm.

Around 80 riders will compete on the Peruvian dunes.

There's quite an international representation including riders from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Morocco.

Some will come from countries where sand boarding is enjoyed, and others from winter areas where they snowboard. 

The event is organised by the Swiss group International Sandboarding and Sandski Association ISSA - Intersands and the Swiss Embassy in Peru.

Sandboarding CompetitionSandboarding Competition














Sandboard World Cup Trailer below:

Dune boarding and dune skiing seems to be taking off on the dunes of Peru, just one hour south of Lima.

No need for lifts to blot the landscape, instead, one either hikes up or hops on to a Dune Buggy.

Hitching a lift up on a dune buggyHitching a lift up on a dune buggy













Sandboarding in Peru below:


2017 Sandboard World Cup2017 Sandboard World Cup





















2017 World Cup Sandboarding events 2017 Sandboarding World Cup events








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