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The Canadian ski resort faces a parking crisis next season as Parks Canada intends to restrict parking on the access road. The resort is up in arms & says it will reduce the numbers able to ski. NEW

Sunshine's main car park has room for 1,600 cars and up to 500 additional cars can end up using the access road to park.

At peak holiday times during the winter season and often at weekends the access road is used as an overflow to the main car park.

Shuttle buses are laid on to collect visitors from access road bus stops transporting them up to the main lift station.

This has been the norm for the past 35 years and works very well.

The new parking restrictions could have implications on the number of visitors to the ski area.

It would mean that climbers, skiers and other mountain visitors would only be able to park within existing car parks that have a finite number of vehicle spaces.

Parks Canada notified Sunshine Village last autumn that it was closing the road to parked vehicles next ski season.

Officials say the ban is being brought in because of concerns over avalanches and pedestrian safety.

Here at PlanetSKI we have visited Sunshine Village for the the past 4 years and it is one of our favourite ski areas in Canada - see here for why.

Parking though is a problem and if the access road is closed it seems it will only get worse.

The access road can get icy and is often full.

Access road Access road















Once parked people walk in - passing the already full car park.

Access road Access road
















"We’d love to have more parking,” Sunshine Village CEO David Riley said. “But until we are allowed to build it, this is how we operate.”

It is not understood why Parks Canada has made such a definitive decision after 35 years.

David Riley said, "It's hard to understand, because we have a perfect safety record with respect to our operation on the road. I don't think they understand all the safety procedures we use to make sure that it is a safe operation."

David Riley feels they have been singled out, "The other ski resorts in the Mountain Parks, park cars on the road when they get to peak weekends or peak holidays".

The resort received notice of the plan last November and has since filed a judicial review of the decision.

The ban will have consequences.

Sunshine Village says that there will be fewer visitors to the ski area so it may have to increase costs.

There are also safety concerns from confusion and aggravation of motorists who are left with nowhere to park once the main car park is full.

Sunshine Village hopes that it can drum up enough support so that the government will take notice and steps can be taken to reverse the ban before it is officially put in place.

You can visit the website and support the petition at, and take action here.

Sunshine Village posted the video below on Facebook, hoping to attract attention to the parking issue and to overturn the potential ban:

Parks Canada to impose parking on access roadParks Canada to impose parking on access road













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