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This must be a first? Pro windersurfer Levi Siver takes his windsurf board with a fin to the powder snow in Japan and windsurfs down...

Earlier on this week, Red Bull released a 3 minute edit of Levi Siver windsurfing down a snowy mountain in Japan, he must be the first person to take this sport from water to snow.

36-year-old Levi Siver has an impressive reputation as a freestyle windsurfer around the world including film projects such as The Windsurfing Movie II.

Siver has ridden huge waves all over the globe, bending the wind to his will, however he had never faced anything quite like his adventure in Hokkaido.

The windsurfer is from Idaho and taking his specially made finned board to the mountains of Rishiri Islands in Japan for some alpine windsurfing was a first.

He came up with the idea five years ago.

Siver told Red Bull, “I'm always trying to find ways to challenge myself, but this project really sparked my curiosity. What would happen if I were to combine snowboarding and windsurfing?  I wanted to be the first person  to try alpine windsurfing on a finned board."

The filming took 20 days at the picturesque Rishiri Island which sits off the shore of the northern tip of Japan.

The terrain he chose was dramatic and ideal for his project.

You can look down at the ocean while riding down the mountain, combining a bit of sea and snow.

The days of filming were long, with Siver enduring temperatures as low as -13ºC.

He had to hike up the mountain on snowshoes for a couple of hours, and then at the top he had to wait for hours on end for the winds to pick up to allow him to ride down.

The strongest wind he caught was about 15km per hour.

Levi Siver - hiking upLevi Siver - hiking up














Levi Siver - a water sport on snowLevi Siver - going down - a water sport on snow















Siver explained, "What mountains and the ocean have in common is their unpredictability. The scenery is truly beautiful, but also extremely  dangerous and the conditions change everyday."

Watch Levi Siver windsurfing down on snow, in the video below:


Siver also decided to build his own board specifically for this adventure.

He could have used a conventional snowboard but preferred to build something specific for the event.

He told Red Bull, "Using a snowboard would actually be optimum for performance, but I really wanted to recreate that unique sensation of windsurfing and to do that I need to make a board somewhere in between a snowboard and windsurfing board."

"The board has the rail and fin you need for surfing and there are no  bindings. It has straps and its ridden with surf boots so on the drop in you get the same feeling as when you're windsurfing. But you're looking down on a mountain, not the ocean.”

Here at PlanetSKI we think that the novelty factor is brilliant, and would love to have a go.

Watch KeithTaboul and Levi Siver working on a windsurfing powder board in the video below at Rishiri Island in Hokkaido:


Levi Siver in Japan with his boardLevi Siver in Japan with his board















Levi Siver on the snowLevi Siver on the snow (Instragram)














Levi Siver on the water Levi Siver on the water (Instagram)
















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