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WHISTLER GLACIER CONFLICT - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Tuesday July 4, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

One ski camp folded this summer due to poor snow on the Horstman Glacier. Now another camp leader says the snow's great! NEW

"It's better than ever. It's phenomenal this year," Momentum ski camp founder, John Smart, says about the snow conditions.

Momentum offers park + pipe courses, mogul sessions, girls week & more during summer on the glacier.

As concerns over the accelerating impact of global warming on our ski resorts and glaciers rise, the camp reports its best summer yet.

Last month the highly respected Camp of Champions (COC) closed, releasing an honest and heart-felt letter to all its attendees and supporters.

The statement written by owner Ken Achenbach spoke of:

  • The history of the camp
  • Its significance to owner, coaches, pros, children and parents alike
  • The devastation of declaring bankruptcy
  • How climate change is destroying our environment

But numerous other skiing and snowboarding camps are taking place on Whistler Blackcomb's glacier this summer.

A look at Momentum's Session 2:

Momentum has been going for 26 summers and this year expects to have around 800 skiers and boarders use its park.

"Every year we make our park better, and this year was a step up again because we had more snow to work with," Smart explained to popular website Whistler Question.

The main reason Camp of Champions decided to shut this summer was due to the lack of snow on the glacier and it not being able to produce the quality, bigger jumps expected.

Smart told Whistler Question about how the closure of COC affected his camp:

"We've now got to try to re-sell. [It] put a bad word out about what was up there, when it's phenomenal up there.

"We've never had so much snow to work with; it's absolutely the opposite situation... I think it probably cut off a lot of people who were thinking about coming."

Despite having to convince doubters of the glacier's fine condition following Camp of Champions shut down, Momentum grew in another sense.

It has, for the first year, allowed snowboarder teams to use its park.

"It's been really fun because these guys are so good, they add a lot of colour to the lane. They're sending it and doing their big jumps - right up to triples - on our big jump. We're very well-built for the national team to train for the Olympics.

"We wanted to pick up everyone," he said.

Whistler Valley Snowboard Club is new this summer and has set up in COC's previous location.

"I just looked at the jumps over there and they look really good - because there's a lot of snow up there," Smart said to Whistler Question.

One of our top freestyle skiers, James 'Woodsy' Woods, is out on the Whistler glacier.

This is what he is saying:

Woodsy with Momentum last summerWoodsy with Momentum last summer

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